Varmt välkomna till Arlandagymnasiet!

På denna sida finner ni all information ni behöver från min undervisning.

Alla kurser kommer att ligga under Kurser till höger här på sidan, under mappen 2017.

En tanke på “Välkomna!”

  1. I think that it’s really bad that the oil and natural gas are mixed with a millions of gallons of water.
    I think that it can be too dangers for everybody and everything that is in the world like animals, children, women and man.
    I think that too many people can die if they drink it wrong.
    it can also make a big fire in the town or burn a house because that thing that we saw in the film showed us that it’s very easy to make fire with the gas even if it’s mixed with water.
    Like we watched animals died and it can not be okey for oss to kill the animals and see the died animals.
    Everyone has right to drink water and what that happened is disaster.
    Everybody could get cancer and be sick with this.
    I think we should stop it, it can be really danger for our life.



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