Analysis of Mafia

Ask yourselves the following:

  • Who’s voice got heard?
  • What role did body language play in this game?
  • How did the mafia members influence other villagers?
  • How did the villagers take decisions in absence of information? Were they right?
  • What role did the Visual, Vocal and Verbal channels of communication play in this


  • What tactics did mafia members use to hide/deflect attention? Does this also happen

    in the real world?

  • What are the basic components of lying? What tricks do we use? How can you spot them?



5 reaktioner till “Analysis of Mafia”

  1. What tactics did mafia members use to hide/deflect attention? Does this also happen
    in the real world?

    × Reflect the question to somebody else, dodge the question, pointing at someone else and seem reliable to others. They basically tried to lynch others.

    What are the basic components of lying? What tricks do we use? How can you spot them?

    × The basic thing is to make it a joke, laughing it off and telling something else. And the infamous sentence ”I’m a bystander”. We can stop this by random lynching people.


  2. 1.The maffia’s tactics is that they reflect the question to somebody else, they dodge the question, pointing the murder at someone else. They basically are trying to trick other. This kind of tactics could happen in real life too because the mafias maybe find it as a good plan that could be used everywhere.

    2. The basic components of lying is to laugh, telling jokes or doesn’t answer to your question. Like for instance in the board game mafia when we are suspicious and asking the ”opponent” what role the person is, he/she will tell you that they are a ”bystander”, ”sheriff” or something like that. We can spot them by watching them closely and see if they are laughing or trying to block their mouth. It proves that they are not on your side because a friendly person wouldn’t react like that.


  3. The mafia members usually sat in silence to lay low and were trying not to draw any attention until they really had to, when they had to speak they tried to blame the bystanders of doing something they didn’t do. Outside the game, blaming people is a low blow and usually not performed, but it’s still a tactical move.


  4. Most people try to hide the fact that they are mafia by staying quiet, this is quite an obvious give away since most people often say something while they try to say as little as possible so that the chance of faulty information is lower. Others scream a lot and that is a little less obvious but still there is no perfect way to hide the fact that you are mafia.


  5. In the game I played lawyer 2 times so therefore I have some tactics. I sometimes voted against my Mafia comrades if I noticed that no one else from the Mafia did. If I can become more trusted then I have an easier time getting away even if I am suspected. Also I tried to talk with the players without accusing anyone, therefore I earn their trust and I´ll be less likely to be suspected since one common cause for the accusations were ”he has been quiet the whole game”. The more I can blend in with everyone, even with the ones I know or suspect are ”the good guys”, the better it is. But you don´t want to standout to much since then people will start to wonder why I haven´t been killed by the Mafia yet, which can be a reason to get voted out.

    In real life it is not possible to be considered ”quiet” by the police since they don´t know you or have spent time with you before, and ”He was too quiet” will not go by well in a court. But the blending in can be a good way to at least hide some emotional evidence. If you are nice to the police officers usually they are nice back unlike if you give them the ”silent treatment”, then you will probably be more suspicious. The more you can react as a normal person, being slightly annoyed but still trying to keep your cool(my interpretation of how people and I would , the more trusted you will become.



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