Spoken word


  1. Analyses

Write a reaction or response to two of the five poems above. What does it make you think of, feel or see in your mind’s eye?

2. Writing

Write a haiku. Five syllables in first line, seven in second, five in third.

Example 1

Autumn moonlight—

a worm digs silently

into the chestnut.

Example 2

Lightning flash—

what I thought were faces

are plumes of pampas grass.



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10 reaktioner till “Spoken word”

  1. luderpojken, laudvig, ludervig, ludde eller bara Ludvig om du föredrar det. skriver:

    Is love dead?
    Well the first thing that came to mind when i heard this poem was the term dentistry and personal hygiene, but besides crooked teeth i think that he had a bit of a point. I can agree with some of what he said, but i believe that it would be a bit naive to believe that love can be found by anyone in everyone. Committing to a person could also be a very taxing experience, in the eventual case of a breakup, so love might not actually be for everyone.

    I was made to be wild
    Ye, thats good for her i guess.

    The pytt in the pan!
    Boy, i cant wait to eat it!
    It smells very good!


  2. I think that the first poem is about that we contently are searching for a meaning in life. That we are something and what we do now on earth is not in vain and what we do now is the best version of. That the life we living now is the best for us and the constant thinking that are we really living the life that we want. The constant pressure of not knowing what will and what could have happened if we made some choices different in life and am i happy with the life i live.

    The poem Is love dead is about what the norm today is about love and that the word love is to played out int todays society and that what we do in the quest to fining love is wrong and we don’t need one night stand to feel love it´s more about connecting to a person, feeling that something with another soul and that the two of our don´t need to see one another naked.

    Among the city
    heating but sudden
    this forsaken night


  3. ”If you’re going to try, go all the way”

    As an athlete I can relate to this poem and inspirational video. Because if you’re going to try to achieve something you’d better go all the way instead of giving up. You should be willing to make sacrifices if you want to achieve something and you know that beforehand.
    You can see it as a waste of time. If you’re trying to accomplish something in your life and suddenly gives up for some reason. Why did you even try to begin with? You can almost know you’re going to lose something whilst trying.

    ”Christy Ann Martine’s poem”
    The first thought that came to my mind was ”to fit in”. This can be a hard thing to feel if you’re not like everybody else in your area. So if you don’t fit in with yourself most people pretend as long as they feel that then need a place to fit in.
    The message i get from this poem is that you should strive to find things and people that makes you feel comfortable to be yourself and authentic. You were born in to a certain body and you should be proud to have it and feel comfortable. But for some people it’s harder to reach that stage where you can find yourself comfortable and proud of your own body and thoughts.

    Poison flowing slow
    Circulation not steady
    Bodies dropping down


  4. All The Way

    The video itself have a very clear message and I think that it’s good that there are these types of almost “reminders” that helps to tell you that you can do it when we maybe sometimes doubt our self or have a hard time believing that we can do it.

    For me personally these type of videos have really helped to find the motivation to do things, but as a friend of mine have said, ”you should not be motivated you should be driven, motivation fades and bounces all around”. I think It’s a really good way to see at it because you will never be 100% motivated to do something, because whenever you’re tired or have had a bad day that motivation will slowly decrease and sometimes you might perform worse because you aren’t motivated enough to perform on top level and therefor you need to be driven to do it no matter what situation you’re in.

    The thing with going all the way is very true and I think that if you want to do something, you should go all the way, clear up as much time as possible and do it just to make it happen because that can be a huge step forward for people that are stuck in their life in general. If you want to become something, make sure to do what it takes to get there and show why you deserve it. Anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it and you have to make sure not to break when there is a setback or an obstacle.

    Afternoon summer-

    the stress got even worse

    there was nothing to worry


  5. The first poem by Christen Ann Martine is all about how everyone is unique and has their own dreams and and goals in life. She is describing what she feels about her life. A opinion which she decided to share to help others find their life. To find what they value and what dreams they have.

    The poem about love being dead is short but it sends an important message about our society today, now days when it’s easier to contact other people. He states that it is harder to find your ”true love” in todays society. I can’t say for sure if this poem is right and sends the right message because i haven’t simply been living for that long. But what he says is present in todays society I would consider is the truth and I would agree with him.


    A beautiful pen
    Can write something beautiful
    That is beautiful


  6. The first poem was a simple yet intresting one. I like it because the woman who wrote it talks about her being free, to choose her own life. The poem makes you think, maybe about who you are or who you want to become, and thats what makes it interesting.

    The last poem, ”all the way”, is about trying, to give it your all and risk your whole life. This poem got me goosebumps, because of the music and what he was saying because it felt like what he ssaid was true. The man talked about being alone, to test yourself and give it your all when youre trying something, to give it your whole soul.


    Guarding your forests,
    Waiting, observing, taking
    Down lurking hunters.



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