This is a fairly long short story for a single class. But it deals with something relevant, yet foreign,  and fantastic, yet everyday. Found it after I had been thinking about sarcasm, ”the joke is on you” and the ”been that done that”-attitude that human beings sometimes have… And the whole question of being fake or having a mask to hide behind, either in  terms of your gender or where you come from socially. Hope you understand.

Anyway, read this weird story of two guys going out to flirt with girls, where the tables get really turned.


Read the linked short story (above) and write about A or B (below):


  • What is the surprising thing in the story, do you think?
  • Are the gender roles strange somehow? Why?


  • What stays with you from the short story? Why?
  • Why do you think it got nominated as the best short story in 2007?


Publish below. When you have submitted your answers you can go home. 🙂

Ender’s Game


We are going to write a new reading journal and have two text seminars.


Text seminar 1, Wednesday 12th of September, bring a quote and comment, on a card.

Text seminar 1, Xday xth of Month

Reading journal, deadline xday x Month

For the third seminar you are also expected to give your opinion on the book and in that relate to the opinions expressed in these two articles:

Article 1

Article 2

Notice: read the articles for general understanding.

No Country…

I sent one boy to the gas chamber at Huntsville. One and only one. My arrest and my testimony. I went up there and visited with him two or three times. Three times. The last time was the day of his execution. I didn’t have to go but I did. I sure didn’t want to. He’d killed a fourteen year old girl and I can tell you right now I never did have no great desire to visit with him let alone go to his execution but I done it.

The papers said it was a crime of passion and he told me there wasn’t no passion to it. He’d been datin’ this girl, young as she was. He was nineteen. And he told me that he had been plannin’ to kill somebody for about as long as he could remember. Said that if they turned him out he’d do it again. Said he knew he was goin’ to hell. Told it to me out of his own mouth. I don’t know what to make of that. I surely don’t. I thought I’d never seen a person like that and it got me to wonderin’ if maybe he was some new kind. I watched them strap him into the seat and shut the door. He might of looked a bit nervous about it but that was about all. I really believe that he knew he was goin’ to be in hell in fifteen minutes. I believe that. And I’ve thought about that a lot. He was not hard to talk to. Called me Sheriff.

But I didn’t know what to say to him. What do you say to a man that by his own admission has no soul? Why would you say anything? I’ve thought about it a good deal. But he wasn’t nothin’ compared to what was comin’ down the pike.