The dodgy donor clinic

Doctor Dedicated of the Backstreet OrganShop has five patients with life-
threatening disorders arising from various failing bodily organs. One needs a heart, another a stomach, another lungs, another something else. You get the picture. Because they all need organs, and there are tragically none available, at least not in time, the patients are all going to die unless …

Dr Dedicated has another patient that he has just cured, and who is now dozing quietly in the recovery ward. One way, indeed, the only way the good doctor can
save his five patients is to use the sixth patient as an emergency organ supply. (Of course, in doing this, the patient will die.)

Dr Dedicated is very troubled at the fate of the five patients, all of whom are very fine people, but worries that it might be ‘inappropriate’ to use another patient like this. It’s obviously a bargain at five for the price of one, but is it ethical?

  1. What do you think about the ethical dilemma?
  2. How does the text convey humour? How do you see that the text is joking?
  3. How is whom used in English?


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