Hooks (Non-fiction)

Wait Until the Evening

AS THE CAPTAIN of the Yale swimming team stood beside the pool, still dripping after his laps, and listened to Bob Moses, the team’s second-best freestyler, he didnt’t know what shocked him more-the suggestion or the fact that it was Moses who was making it.

Robert A. Caro The Power Broker (1975)

TWO OF THE MEN lying on the blanket
that day in 1940 were rich. The third
was poor—so poor that he had only
recently purchased the first suit he
had ever owned that fit correctly—
and desperately anxious not to be:
thirty-two-year-old Congressman
Lyndon Johnson had been pleading
with one of the other two men,
George Brown, to find him a business
in which he could make a little

Robert A. Caro The Path to Power (1982)

Ends and Means
AS THE LONG LINE of limousines began
to pull away from the White House in
the darkness, the protesters were
there, outside the gates, as they had
been for weeks. Over their radios
they had been listening to the latest
bulletins from Selma, and they were
singing “We Shall Overcome.”

Robert A. Caro Means of Ascent, 1990

”What the hell’s the
presidency for?”

AIR FORCE ONE, the President’s plane,
is divided, behind the crew’s cockpit,
into three compartments.

In the first of them, just behind the cockpit,
women sat weeping and Secret
Service agents were trying to hold
back tears (“You’ve heard of strong
men crying; well, we had it there that
day,” recalls a reporter) as the pilot
lifted the big jet off the Dallas runway
in a climb so steep that to a man
standing on the ground it seemed
”almost vertical,” leveled off for a few
minutes, and then, warned that there
were tornadoes between him and
Washington, put the plane into
another climb to get above them. In
the rear compartment the widow, her
suit stained with blood, was sitting
next to the coffin of the dead

Robert A. Caro, Passage of Power (2012)


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