Job application

In a country far, far away – in a time long, long time ago you live a quiet farming life. You was once an adventurer and a hero of sorts but for many years adventures have been scarce, so you moved to Hobbiton to live among the halflings. It has been happy years but sadly they have also been a bit boring.

Last week Gandalf and thirteen dwarves appeared in Hobbiton. They are looking for the lucky Fourteenth member to their party. They are planning to go to the Lonely Mountain in the far east. Thorin is the leader and the wizard Gandalf is helping them to find the hero that could help them on their dangerous journey to Lonely Mountain, but also the smart and resourceful adventurer that could help them to sneak into the Mountain and steal its treasure – and possible they could need a person who has the prowess or power to defeat a dragon in single combat.

Is this hero you?

The Job Application

Your task today is to write a job application. In this you will tell Gandalf and the dwarves how your hero would fit the part of:

1. A help on a dangerous journey

2. A smart and resourceful thief

3. A powerful or strong dragon-slayer

What is your background? What have you done to qualify for the job?


Write a job application!

How To Write A Job Application? (Step-by-step format)

  1. Subject line or heading. The heading should be catchy, brief, and to the point. …
  2. Salutation. If you know the name of the person you are writing to, always address them by their name in the salutation. …
  3. Introduction. …Tell them who you are and why you apply
  4. Second paragraph. …Tell them what you have done to qualify
  5. Closing paragraph. Repeat your most important qualifications and restate desire to join and mention any references.
(If you want to read the first chapter of the book, you can find it here:


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