TASK A: Write your poem about STYLE, after having seen the clip below.


What does the title of this poem give to the poem, do you think? What is the Genius of the Crowd?

Continue the story

Write the next chapter, or at least half a page. Try to keep the tone and style consistent with what you have read.

Jeff Winston was on the phone with his wife when he died. ”We need—” she’d said, and he never heard her say just what it was they needed, because something heavy seemed to slam against his chest, crushing the breath out of him. The phone fell from his hand and cracked the glass paperweight on his desk. Just the week before, she’d said something similar, had said, ”Do you know what we need, Jeff?” and there’d been a pause—not infinite, not final, like this mortal pause, but a palpable interim nonetheless. He’d been sitting at the kitchen table, in what Linda liked to call the ”breakfast nook,” although it wasn’t really a separate space at all, just a little formica table with two chairs placed awkwardly between the left side of the refrigerator and the front of the clothes drier. Linda had been chopping onions at the counter when she said it, and maybe the tears at the corner of her eyes were what had set him thinking, had lent her question more import than she’d intended. ”Do you know what we need, Jeff?” And he was supposed to say, ”What’s that, hon?” was supposed to say it distractedly and without interest as he read Hugh Sidey’s column about the presidency in Time.


En tanke på “Style”

  1. Later that night when both Jeff and Linda were in the bed ready to take on tomorrow challenges, Jeff looked at his wife’s beautiful face and said “ Good night honey” as he said it, Linda, she turned over and slept. Jeff, he couldn’t sleep well that night he woke up and saw that his wife was still asleep, Jeff shivered all the way to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and the bright light stunned his eyes for a brief moment, he grabbed water and drank it’s slowly as if he has never tasted it before or even like it was his last cup of water. Jeff closed the fridge and as he was beginning to return to the bed he saw a very bright light in the sky. It was very big and it seemed like it was burning, flames coming around it from the sides. Jeff quickly grabbed his jacket and went outside.



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