2 reaktioner till “Drake equation”

  1. 1. Yes there COULD be life
    2. Odds? yeah they exist
    3. Yeah I think so
    4. It’s not that its unlikely its just that in terms of probability of happening nowadays, it’s not likely


  2. I think there could exist life on other planets or at least I hope because the idea of being alone is quite terrifying. The universe is very big and vast just in our galaxy there exist between 200 to 400 billion stars and in the universe there are more than dozens of galaxy that most likely contain the same amount of stars and the idea of so many stars and object in the whole universe thus we are the only ones living it is dark. I would like to believe even if the odds that yes there could be life.

    Like I mentioned the odds are pretty small we could take a look at Drake equation which is an equation based on different factors like how many stars there are in the galaxy, how many planets does a star have a fraction that the civilizations develop technology that releases detectable signs and other factors. Based on these factors we get an estimation of how many civilizations in our galaxy which we can communicate with

    With our current civilizations I think we could detect life which is good but what if there exist life but they have yet to develop the technology necessary for us to detect them or what if it’s us who are lacking behind in the technology race where we haven’t yet had the technology to be detected from our civilizations. I would still argue that our technology is good and we have a good chance of detecting other civilizations than our own however we still need to evolve and develop better technology



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