News desk


On a newspaper or on a TV-channel they have journalists and editors that work with different issues. A regular newspaper like The Guardian has a news desk for current news, another one for politics, another one for foreign affairs, another one for sports, etc.

Your assignment is to form a news desk and make news broadcasts in the classroom.

Each news desk should consist of three people.

Each news desk should focus on one area. If you are on the Science program, your field is science. If you are on the Social program focusing on economics, your field is finance and economy, etc. You could also choose some other field, just check with me.

General guidelines

Your presentation should last for 10 minutes.
Not mere reading aloud from a script.

Difficult words. Your audience should be able to understand your vocabulary. If you have any unusual or infrequent vocabulary, write them on the white board before you start and explain them briefly, or give their Swedish translation.

You should stand up during your presentation

On Thursdays the news desk has its weekly meeting and each student brings at least two pieces of news (or equivalent) for the newsdesk to prepare. The news desks prepares a script for the broadcast and rehearses.

On Fridays the news desks are given 5-10 minutes to prepare their broadcast. At this point each news desk then proceeds to broadcast their news to the class.

You get brownie points for

  • Jingle and visual backdrop
  • Good bridges between reporters
  • Written scripts/notes


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