Book report

After having read the book you should write a book report. A text about what you thought and felt when you read the book. The book report should be at least one page long.

Title: My thoughts after reading No Country for Old Men

If you want to make an even better report you can write one more page or possibly two. You can then consider the following questions.

  • In what way is this book a Western? In what ways is it not a traditional western? Why does it deviate from the western genre?
  • What does the title of the book mean? What do you think of Bell’s look on life?
  • Who is Anton Chigurh? What is he like? How do you see the the coin-toss scene?
  • The story is about chance, uncertainty, but also about what is determined and unchangeable. In what way? What do you think about life – in what sense is it uncertain? In what way determined? What does that tell you?
  • The book is also to some degree about money. What does it have to say about it? What do you think about that?
  • In what way are men and women portrayed in the book, what do you think about that?
  • Also: list any new words you looked up and learned.


Clips from the film that can help you in your report.

Deadline: 14th of March


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