Irregular verbs continued + Coraline

Test on irregular verbs next Friday.
First 75 verbs in this list, from Awake- Put.



Read at least 50 pages in Coraline. Write down your favorite quote and why you chose it. Bring to class.

Write it in the form of a letter to me. 🙂

En tanke på “Irregular verbs continued + Coraline”

  1. Letter to Danny

    Hey Daniel,
    I wanted to talk to you about the book Caroline. You chose a very interesting book this time, but I had problems with keeping track of all the characters. But that is not a problem any more.

    Even though the book was interesting didn’t I really like it because it’s not my kind of book. I would probably enjoy a book about the second world war or history related books. But I have one quote that I thought was funny.

    My quote took place in a store were Coraline’s and her mom was shopping for some new school clothes. And Caroline walked away for a while and when she came back her mom asked where she been. Her answer was that she been kidnapped by aliens, I thought that was funny because of the irony and that is something I could say myself.

    I hope you have had a great week and sorry for not attending this lesson. I drank bad milk by accident so today I didn’t feel that well. I will do the test from home and continue reading the book. Best regards Eddvin.



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