En tanke på “Racism in the English-speaking world”

  1. Racism in the English speaking world, and the rest of the world, is something we will never really know the depth of. We will never experience racism first-hand, and we have never seen it happen in real life. The things we read about on social media, though, is awful. Some white people haven’t left the old racist mindset, and it’s really terrible. From what I see though, is that the younger generation, are more open-minded. The future looks bright.

    Segregation is when you try and keep a race ”clean” by not mixing it. In Australia, for example, they wanted to keep it a white country and they did this by not letting colored people into their country.

    The white Australia policy was a policy that made sure that people of non-europan origin was excluded from the country. Especially Asians, primarily Chinese people were affected by this.

    Apartheid was a system of racial segregation in South Africa.



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