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  1. The thing that happened was that the black men, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, competed in the olympics, and when they won gold and bronze, they decided to protest the treatment of black people. They did this by raising their fists into the air, and also only wore socks in a way to bring attention to black poverty. Also the white Australian man, Peter Norman, decided to show his support. Norman did this by wearing the Olympic Project for Human Rights badge.

    After this Smith and Carlos got death threats but got accepted to compete in the olympics again, and played professional football before retiring. Peter Norman, on the other hand, didn’t get to compete in the olympics again, even though he was the fastest one in Australia. They would rather not let anyone compete than let Norman run again.


  2. People were mad because the guy from Australia stood next to the two black winners in the Olympics and supported them. When he came back to Austrailia was he treated really bad.
    The white guy later died in 2006 but the two black guys still live and talk to each other till this day and help other to protest.
    But all three were banned and lost their carriers but where later re-accepted to the Olympics.


  3. 1.the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, turned African-American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos from track-and-field stars into the center of a roiling controversy over their raised-fist salute, a symbol of black power and the human rights movement at large.
    2. because on this day the black people want to be treatt like everyon White people.
    3. they support other atlekt wiht the protest but the White guy died because when he Went back to australie, he get depress and bad treatment so he start to druk and take drugs.


  4. 1. in the year 1968 two african and one white man protested agaist racisma in olypic game.
    2. becuase black people did not have any rights in that age
    3. they recivied alot of attention and respect because of the protest. and the white man died as a hero



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