This is a fairly long short story for a single class. But it deals with something relevant, yet foreign,  and fantastic, yet everyday. Found it after I had been thinking about sarcasm, ”the joke is on you” and the ”been that done that”-attitude that human beings sometimes have… And the whole question of being fake or having a mask to hide behind, either in  terms of your gender or where you come from socially. Hope you understand.

Anyway, read this weird story of two guys going out to flirt with girls, where the tables get really turned.


Read the linked short story (above) and write about A or B (below):


  • What is the surprising thing in the story, do you think?
  • Are the gender roles strange somehow? Why?


  • What stays with you from the short story? Why?
  • Why do you think it got nominated as the best short story in 2007?


Publish below. When you have submitted your answers you can go home. 🙂

8 reaktioner till “HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES”

  1. A.
    The surprising thing in this story is that it turned out the girls were aliens or something of that sort.

    While the girls were talking, Ernns only thoughts were about how he could touch, or get closer to the girls.

    What stays with me is the weirdness of the story, and that I will never know what made Vic throw up in the end of the story.

    I don’t know why this story was nominated for any awards, because frankly I didn’t like it. Maybe it was given the award because it showed men’s mindset during parties. That they don’t actually care about what you’re saying, that it’s all about the physical stuff. I don’t know though.


    1. * When Vic said to his friend that they should leave the party, because something wrong it was going to happen.
      * No! It is very generally to see this type of gender roles yet in our time. If you see at the most of the relationships it’s the guy that take the first step to begin in relation, and the girl wait to the declaration of the guy to begin a lovely relation. If you are in school we going to know that there exists a norm that if a guy like a girl, it is the roll of the guy to took with her.


  2. Engelska text
    How to talk to girls at parties
    Task A1: All the hints about the characters shape and the hints that they are not on earth or from earth.
    Task A2: While the girls were talking Ernns only focused on how to get to the girls.


  3. B.
    There wasn´t a specific part that stayed with me to be honest, but perhaps the part where Enn always tried to touch he girls he talked to. He actually never cared about what the girls were talking about, all he cared about was to get laid, I suppose. It shows how most of the men think nowadays.

    I don´t know why it got nominated to be honest, maybe because it shows how today´s men (most of them) think about women.


  4. a. 1: I got suprised when he didn’t know how to talk to girl.
    a. 2: No, didn’t think so.
    b. 1. That he couldn’t talk to girl.
    b. 2. Because it had drama and little bit of comedy.


  5. 1) What is the surprising thing in the story, do you think?
    : in the end of the story when Enn started to kiss the girl in the kitchen, ” Perhaps I kissed her properly. I don’t remember. I know I wanted to.

    And then Vic was shaking me violently. ”Come on!” he was shouting. ”Quickly. Come on!”

    2) Are the gender roles strange somehow? Why?
    : the guys want to talk but actually it was the girls who wants to talk with.


  6. A.What is the surprising thing in the story, do you Think?
    The ending that i didn’t really understand why it ended like that.

    B.What stays with you from the short story? Why?
    What really stayed whit me after the story, was maybe the way the Girls talked and what they talked about. I don’t really think people talk about that at partys, but i shouldn’t say that because i don’t go to partys. But still it was very strange. Especially when Vic interupted his friend Enn and really ran away with him and din’t explain to him about what happened. And how the text described about Stellas expression.


  7. the most surprising thing in this story was first what the girls talk about and then it was how the mc/enn reacted or lack there of but in the en it was the ”magical” poem that was the must surprising thing in the story

    no I don’t think so the guy started a conversion whit the girls almost all the time and the girls mostly answers and talk back to the guy.



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