En tanke på “Malcolm X”

  1. No country for old Men

    ‘No Country for Old Men is a compelling, harrowing, disturbing, sad, endlessly and resonant novel’ (Robert Edric, Spectator)
    I agree that it is harrowing because Anton Chigurh, a rude man risked people ‘s lives with a coin cast as life was only depending about the probability. I don’t like that Chigurh was like playing be a god doing the coin cast on people’s lives. I understand that people can think that the scene of the coin is cool and that it has also a good message, for example that it better to do something that do nothing, I agree with that, but playing to be a god is not who I think it should be. Risking people’s lives with a coin cast is like saying I decide over dead and life and that is unmoral.



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