Sonnet 55

Questions to consider

(a) Why do you think the rich and powerful people get monuments and statues erected in their memory?
(b) Why does the poet refer to Time as being ”sluttish”?
(c) What is the message of the poem? What do you think of it?

Sonnet 55

Wikipedia on sonnet 55


Please read at least 60 pages for Thursday. Bring at least one quote and a comment.


10-minute scripts


En tanke på “Sonnet 55”

  1. a) Back in the days, there were no cameras, no photos, etc they wanted to be remembered. I’d imagine being rich in the 16-century there isn’t alot to spend money on either.

    b) Because in the 1600 there was much prostitution, alot of diseases but most of all alot of evil.

    c) I belive the message of the poem to be visual. He is paiting a picture of life in the time he lived in and how he perceived it to be



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