William Shakespeare

Today you will watch a film about William Shakespeare’s life and time. It will deal with what is known about his life, but also concern the Elizabethan theatre during the 1600s.


Task 1
You are going to listen carefully and take notes during and after the film, as long as it is still vivid in your memory.

Focus on the following
1. How important is Shakespeare to Englishmen and English culture? Why is he so important?
2. Who was he? Take as many notes as possible about him and his life.
3. Who were the people around him. Make note of names and who they were.
4. Which of Shakespeare’s plays does the film mention? Make notes about details as you remember them. Which kinds of plays did he write?
6. Was there anything else in particular in the film that you remembered?

Prepare to give your answers orally

Task 2: Compare Shakespeare with Homer

There is so little known about the real William Shakespeare. It is hardly surprising therefore that plenty of theories about our most famous bard and his work have arisen. It was, after all, Mark Twain who said: “So far as anybody actually knows and can prove, Shakespeare of Stratford-on-Avon never wrote a play in his life.” This is very similar to the Homeric question that you might have read about in Swedish course 2.

So, how would you compare the two writers?


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