Gasland – the town hall meeting

In this case you will have the opportunity to:

  • Search for relevant information
  • Question the credibility and reliability of different sources
  • Discuss to develop arguments
  • Write an argumentative presentation
  • Discuss environmental issues in general and draw comparisons between different countries, based on your knowledge and experience.


1. What do you think are the biggest issues facing our environment? Why?

2. What does the phrase ”think globally, act locally”, tell you?

3. What are the consequences of fracking?

4. What kind of evidence do we get that fracking is bad?

Town hall meeting – the case

You will be divided into groups of three. You are all members of the small Wyoming town, Jackson, which has been chosen for ”fracking”. You have invited the governor of your state to your town hall to try to convince him that he should not allow fracking in your county.

In the group:

Based on the film and on the texts linked below discuss how you best can convince the governor to change his/her mind.


  1. Watch the film (First class)
  2. Read texts. (Revisit the film, if needed) (Second class)
  3. List arguments and evidence. Draft argument. (Make sure to have 3-5 strong arguments that you can base on evidence) HAND IN DRAFTS AS A POST! (Third class)
  4. Individually write a manuscript for your speech. Help each other out! (Fourth class) Submit manuscript.
  5. TOWN HALL MEETING. Come prepared and dressed for the occasion! You are the one who can save you community from disaster! (Sixth class)

Devil’s Advocate (optional)

You are a representative of Halliburton. You have come to the town hall to hold a speech where you try to convince the citizens of this community of the benefits of fracking and gas.

As above, but you must find your own evidence. This is a VERY difficult task.

Gasland (2010):

The texts

Here you will find texts that will give you all the information you need to protect your community and convince politicians and law-makers. This text gives information on how you can take action. This text gives you information on the dangerous side-effects of fracking. Together they give you all the information you need to develop a convincing argument.

Template for speech



You should have 3-5 arguments in your overall argument.




Claim Flight attendants who suffer from diseases shown to be connected to inhaling secondhand smoke on airlines for at least five years before 1995 should have the costs of their treatment and disability covered by tobacco companies.

EVIDENCE Tobacco companies have concealed evidence that nicotine causes cancer. Studies show that secondhand smoke can be damaging.


  • Claim – an opinion or idea, often an oppositional claim exists
  • Evidence/Reason – a reason why the claim is a “good idea”


Punchline or appeal or end as you started.



Evaluating credibility of sources



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