Wild, wild west


  1. Take your list of irregular verbs.
  2. Write down at least ten verbs in a row. Continue from where you stopped.
  3. Use the verbs in alphabetical order!
  4. Limit yourself to 150 words.
  5. Underline all irregular verbs in the story.
  6. Post as a comment

Wild west

Take your list of verbs. Pick the first one. Try to fit it into the sentence ”Back in Texas I walked into a saloon, I…”. Continue building a short but absurd story with your verb list and the words below. If the story turns surreal, let it!


Stetson hat, stirrup, horse, Winchester, whiskey, Indian, sheriff, beautiful, jealous.

Middle Ages/fantasy

Take your list of verbs. Pick the first one. Try to fit it into the sentence ”Outside the castle I saw dark clouds far away, when I took my first steps into the woods I…”. Continue building a short story with your verb list and the words below. If the story turns surreal, let it!


chain mail, sword, wraith, maiden, noble, lance, roar, foe, love, silk

7 reaktioner till “Wild, wild west”

  1. Back in Texas, I walked into a saloon, I hade awoken this morning when my friend left my room and slammed the door. I began my day by walking to the saloon. We took a shop in the city. When did, we bought the thing that we needed. After he gone to the city and I went home. At home, I ate my lunch then I laid on my bed. I left my bedroom open that is why he, my friend awoke me from a best nope. Next day we came to Sweden. We made a very unforgettable moment on our vacation.


  2. Back in Texas I walked in to a saloon, I began to take my Stetson hat off. I drank a glass of Whiskey with some ice cubes. I felt jealous, I don´t knew why. Maybe that I´ve heard that the beautiful girl I had looked at has a relationship. Then I misunderstood the sheriff that was on the saloon, so I went out. When I´ve came out from the saloon I saw a Indian who were red a horse, so I paid him to borrow it. I put the Winchester in the bag and sat up on the horse with the stirrup. I swear it was so long ago I was sitting on a horse so it was upset, but at the end I won over the horse.


  3. Back in Texas I walked into a saloon, I had awoken that morning hungover, and I couldn’t remember what happened last night. So went back to the saloon to seach for an answer about last night, so when i was waking in I saw an beautiful girl singing and all the guy in the saloon was looking at her because she was so beautiful and sang so good. when she was done singing , I ask her for an drunk so we went to the bartender to get two shot of whiskey. We starting to drink and a guy came from nowhere and starting to hit her , So I get mad


  4. back in Texas, I walked into a saloon to get drunk because I had depression, so I asked the bartender for a whiskey shot and he gave, I drank it all in one gulp and then asked for another one, and another one and another it took me 10 shots until I could get drunk. so when I asked for another shot the bartender told me no but ai was to drunk to understand so i was like* give me a damn whiskey before i get mad* but the bartender hand the same reply. i looked at him seruose in the eye and said *fine was leaving anyways* so i put on my hat and went to my horse and rid home with my horse half drunk.


  5. Back in Texas I walked into a saloon, I gazed at the obviously beautiful barmaid standing behind the desk. In town I had dwelt for two weeks, not once had I noticed her. With confidence running through my veins had I walked up to make my regular order of whiskey. I took the Stetson hat of mine of as I gesture of respect and put the Winchester aside, my shoulder-length hair swung back and forth. I had felt miscast in life, ever so jealous of those arrogant men. Now all I had left after I had quit that insignificant employment of mine was the sand-cast glass-figures. Not ever would I again be typecast. She had given me those looks, so I approached. An encounter later to come, I stood. The confidence still running, I had walked out those saloon doors. My foot on the wet stirrup assisting my body on that horse. The woven Stetson back on. There was a new sheriff in town. She was Indian.


  6. Back in Texas i walked into a scloon i had awoken that morning with a headache i wanted to beign my day with a glas of whiskey to get over my headache after that i head back to town to look around and know better about Texas and play with their old weapon continue my day. Then i get back to scooln after i went home. I was to tired and drank so i could´t make any dinner so i order a pizza. Next day i beign my day with two glas of whiskey. And get back head to town again and i get to vist and see thing that i did´t get chance to see yesterday. So that how i spend my time in Texas.


  7. Middle Ages/ fantasy

    Outside the marble castle I saw dark clouds far away, when I took my first steps into the woods I saw thunder and lighting, I got scared but lucky me, I had my magical sword by my side.
    But the forest was full of wraiths and I had to get to a noble man in the middle of the woods, to get my dads magical chain mail.
    I began my journey to the noble man, for a long time I felt alone and worried but suddenly I heard an evil roar in the forest it was a wraith, but I felt someone grabbing my hand it was the noble man. He said follow me.
    We flew though the forest to his workshop, were his wife waited for us. The walls that protected his workshop was falling apart but it was strong enough, the old maiden statues on the wall had been cast with a spell.
    The spell kept everyone away because if you tried to climb in, the maidens would use their lance to strangle their foe to death.
    She waited there for some days for the forest to clear up and she could return safely, but one morning she saw a man running towards the fence. That man was her dad, He was worried she would got lost in the forest.
    One huge wraith was chasing him, but it caught up. she fell to the floor and felt anger and sadness, but most importantly she didn’t know what to do now.
    She lost her dad because of that hunted forest now what should she do?



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