The American Dream

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American Dream today?

To your mind: is the American Dream a dream or a nightmare? What important lesson can we learn from the American Dream?

11 reaktioner till “The American Dream”

  1. The american dream is a nightmare, because i cant be arsed to paint my fence every year. I want to be able to follow my own path and not give up about my dream.

    What we can learn from the american dream is that it is very hard and you cant follow your own dream. You have to work very hard to achieve the American dream. They are trying to make the impossible possible.


  2. living in the American dream would be nice because most people want live in the USA but there is always
    3 things you need thats Money and a idea of making money also a place to live expensive but affordable


  3. The American dream is a dream that one is fully aware of and aims at something one wants to achieve in the future. As I see it, the American dream is about achieving something, achieving a better life.

    However, I believe once you’ve met it, it’s not a dream anymore. A dream is something different, instead it has become reality and things may not be as expected.


  4. The American dream is a nightmare because not everybody want the same dream and not everybody should reach for the same goal because then we wouldn’t evolve and achieve greater things.

    When you spend your whole life achieving something you don’t want, you don’t enjoy life and what is the purpose of living a life that doesn’t make you happy. You will let people around you control you.

    We learn that we should instead of achieving something that donesn’t inspires you, you should instead enjoy life and get to know people around you, and communicate with them so you can be happy and have a good life.

    Money and being successful doesn’t always have to be the dream, maybe you want help other people or maybe spread knowledge, a life where you control the world.


  5. I think that the American dream is a lie, it isn’t an actual dream life since no one ever has the ”dream”. There is always going to be something that you’re not happy about in your life. No matter how much money, friends or anything you have. You are always going to have something in either your past or your future that you’re not happy about.



  6. The American dream is what you make of it, to some people it’s living in a mansion, others might think it means to live in a happy family and for some people it can be just living a chill life with someone you love


  7. I Think the American dream is just a dream that never can be a true dream because if American people what to make a true dream then they most to be together and have to trust on each other to reach their dream. I don’t think that they trust each other so thats why the American dream is just nightmare that every one dream that gonna hapen in real live.



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