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  1. I watched the first video and I thought it was a bit interesting because the man talked about how our world has changed over the years and how it didn’t happen by people just wishing for a change.

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  2. I watched ”Noam Chomsky 2014 The Women’s Movement” and I think the video was interesting because in the video he tells us how the world did change about women’s right to not vote and how it suddenly faded away without peoples wishing.


  3. I’ve seen ”Noam Chomsky 2014 The Women’s Movement” it was interesting because i really speaks to our generation in a way, we as a generation have never had the chance to fight for rights or something similar. When Chomsky says in the end that people have ad to fight for those changes to happen, I think that is something our generation is going to have to do sooner or later.

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  4. I watched the first video and I think it was intresting. He talks about how some people just are wishing and how the world has changed for women in these years.


  5. It’s intressesting to see how the world have change in just 50 years. Back then women where treated as property and couldn’t have her own saying. It was either her father or husband that chose what she could vote for or what she had to say in any political sayings.

    I also thought about the typical marriage the the father of the bride ”delivers” her to the husband. These thing can we still se today, but not used as the same as back in the 50s.


  6. I watched the debate between Jordan Peterson and the channel 4 news lady. It was a quite interesting watch, as there was a lot to be taken away from it. The interviewing technique of the news lady was also really interesting, as she would ask a politically skewed question, wait for Jordan response and then try to twist his words. She would often say things such as ”so what your saying is..” and then twist his words so that he would look like a worse person than he actually was. At one point i believe she said ”So what your’e saying is that women aren’t intelligent?” when the what he actually said was that traits that are good for being successful in the workplace is things such as intelligence and non-agreeableness. Because of this aggressive interviewing technique i think that he didn’t get to say all the things he otherwise would have. I do however agree with him on most of the things that he did say, and found the entire debate quite interesting.

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