Skulls and crossbones

Subject verb agreement

Collectives and agreement

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Essay transitions and linking words


Quick and dirty grammar tips for better writing

  1. Check all instances of I. They should be with capital I and nothing else.
  2. Check all national words. They should have capital letters: English, Englishman.
  3. Check all instances of a and an. A before consonant sound, an before vowel sound. (A European agreement, an honest proposal).
  4. Check all verbs in the text.
    • Present tense: He/she/it speaks
    • Agreement: John jumps, Ted and Bill jump; John was late. Bill and Ted werelate; John has diabetes. Wolves and dogs have fur; Samuel is sick. John andBill are funny.
  5. Check all Where and were. Where is used for placement: Where is the car? The city where I grew up. Were is used as a verb. We were late for class.
  6. Genitive. When somebody owns something an apostrophe and an s is added to indicate ownership, as in: This is Daniel’s car.

3 reaktioner till “Skulls and crossbones”

  1. 1. The Hunger Games is brutal.
    But, it solves overpopulation.

    2. Going fast is fun.
    However, it can kill you.

    3. People say Sweden is bad.
    When in fact, we created Ikea, Volvo and Mine craft.

    4. Internet exists.
    Due to destroying the environment for electricity.

    5. MacOS sucks.
    Due to Windows being so much better.

    Tim & Theo


  2. I do indeed think that we would be on time if you didn’t drive so slow.
    But we will go further because we drive so slow.

    When in fact we will save more energy if we go faster and then just stall the engine.
    However we do it, I think that we will go further if we do it my way.

    On the other hand, we can be faster and we will still go the same mile if we speed up a little bit.
    While you sit there and talk, Im going to have the same speed all the way to our destination.


  3. Android sucks, even though iOS are even worse.

    PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is a bad game, although I enjoy Fortnite.

    I like school, as a matter of fact I love school.



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