Gothic horror 2

The Dramatic curve




Continue building your epistolary, gothic horror story. Add a new letter, diary entry or text message (or whatever) to increase the drama. Let your story climb the dramatic curve.

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  1. Hello everybody!
    My name is Shayan Shahsavar, today is 15th December and I am in a country that is full of terror and war and I have no idea about what’s coming to happen here.
    I was on my way from Iraq to Turkey with a car with two men and one woman, it was 2:35 AM that we were on the road, it was no car in front of us but suddenly I saw that a car was coming to us. I did not think that it could be dangerous for us. The car stopped us and there were 3 guys whit mask and weapons and we had to get out of the car.
    We couldn’t speak with each other because they would kill us.
    I don’t know where we’re right now and it can be my last message.


  2. Saturday the third of June; we have soon reached (insert place here). We’ve been travelling for the last 40 days. No sign of the herb (insert rare herb name here) as of yet. Saw an old man at the side of the road John noted how the man stared blindly.

    The sun is slowly disappearing. We decide to set up camp at the side of the road. Got a fire running, Briggs started to heat 5 cans of beans. There are several trees that have been cut down by what seems to be beavers. John comes back with water that he got from a nearby lake. We proceed with setting up a wind shelter. Tomorrow we’ll be 1 days march away from our destination. If I don’t find the herb by then we head back home.

    Just heard a big splash from the lake behind us. John cant stay quiet, he seems scared for some reason. Briggs managed to calm him down. Five hours until the first sun appears. We can finally sleep again.

    Just heard a loud squeek. We’re all awake now. John keeps saying that we should leave. The sun finally starts to appear. Briggs and I decide to check the surroundings. The sound we heard that night was unlike any we had heard before.

    jsdfajdhf sadkjfhjkshdaf
    sadlkjfsadj kfdskjafhlkajsdf
    sadjfjksadhf asdfjkh

    Just found some sort of text carved into one of the many trees, better bring it to John for a translation attempt.

    jsdfajdhf: At last
    sadkjfhjkshdaf sadlkjfsadj: The … king
    kfdskjafhlkajsdf: …
    sadjfjksadhf asdfjkh: Rise at dawn


  3. It has been 4 hours sins people started being taken and me and mike have made it into the forrest nearby the camp unnoticed by what seams to be responsible for the obduktions. ”i’ll check down this creek if it’s clear, then its not much further to the parking lot” said mike whit terrified braveness in his eyes. I nodded and and watched as he made his way down, as i lost vishon i could feel me ears focusing as much as they possibly can. I died. *silence because i’m dead you know*


  4. The Battle of Trovania.

    The journal of Olgoth.

    January 4th — my arrival at Gorck were blocky and the seats on the small wooden row boat at the coast of Istra. At the place, time did´t exist. The travel by foot soon begun and my sword swung against my hip. While my armor weighed me down. I arrived with an army of thousands, some did not have the armor and skils that were needed.

    The food were terrible, the ham and the potatoes were farmed at a near farm were the taste of feces from the cows really showed. I feel lost and done for. The people and I did´t have a reson to fight. The king got out here and it shows. Most of our is fighting for pride and honor.

    The walking, all the walking. Miles after miles people collapse of exhaustion. The leaders did´t care. The people that had given up did´t just give up, they gave up on life by the decision of the leaders. i cloud not give up now. I will never reach the grave by this disgusting animals we call leaders.

    January 15th. We arrived at the mountain of Iduluss. Our camps are sett and we are ready for the cold night. The leaders are at the large fire drinking beer and wine. I feel disgusted by the fact that we are just figures in this pesky war.

    January 16th. The day after we sat camp beside the mountain. Some tried to escape in to the darkness of night but were struck down on the way to freedom. And in the morning one of the leaders showed us the consequences of cowardliness by showing the head of one of the people that tried to escape.
    In the evening of that same day we got together and started to walk again.

    January 22th. I have lost my nearest friends to our beloved leaders. The army we had has wakened. The problem we have now is not the army agains us, it´s our own people that we worship. Tonight I´m making my escape.

    Chapter 2
    As a heded up the great mountain I noticed a great black smoke coming from the camp. I did´t want to go back but i senses that my people is in great danger and I am in need to help my people like they helped me one time. Even if it would result in me getting convicted of treson for fleeing the army in the night before.

    As I came closer to the camp i notice something wrong. There were no sound. No screams like for instens that our people are under attack. Just pure silence and that thick black some. At my arrival I was shocked to see from a distance people dancing around a large firer. I notice that song, the song were about those who had betrayed the king. Just like that i got me. They were burning the ones who had tried to escape in the night. I hid under a large rock and were horrified by the thing i just have seen.

    In my horror i started to cry. Why would they do this. All emotions came at me at the same time. My only wish were now that all this people would burn i hell for what they have done

    The journal of Efraisma.

    January 7th. We got the new of an attack on our people at the end of this month. I felt the fear in the people around me. That same evening I summited to the army of our great kingdom. I felt the sorrow i got from my family and nearest friends as i rode out of the city, in to the wast landscape ahead of me.

    January 18th. We located the enemy nere the mountain of Iduluss. We are planing a counter attack to protect our people in the case of the weakness we have around our castle.
    Later that very same day.

    January 22th. The plans reach our beloved king, he sent his great regards to us and informed us that this fight will suffer a heavy lost to ur people. But a greater victory to our people at home who don´t have to take part in this cruel wars of our time.

    January 23th. TODAY we begin our attack!


  5. August the 12th, the police have been notified about my missing mother and her friends. But they haven’t been helping much, not even gone looking for them. But just when I started to eat my delicious chocolate cake my phone started to vibrate. It was a picture from my mother.

    But I couldn’t figure it out, it wasn’t a picture on my mother or someone of her friends. I knew it wasn’t someone she knew, although I never seen or meet them. The girl on the picture didn’t look someone that is out hiking. She had sort of a white dress, nothing special just a regular casual everyday dress. But her hair was long and messy, it looked like she hadn’t taken care of the hair in a very long time. It reminded me of the typical ghost girl story people see, but it didn’t make any sense. I knew the other stories about the ghost girl are fake and fictional. But my mother wouldn’t joke about this, especially after not contacting me in 5 days. Something was wrong.

    The sun started to go down and I got ready to go to bed. But the strange picture wouldn’t go out of my head. I was afraid to tell anyone. So I took up my phone and took another look on the picture. It was different this time, now I saw some kids in the background running around in a circle together. They were dressed like the other girl on the picture. Now everything I saw didn’t make any sense. But then I remembered, those stories and rumors about ghost and children running around in the woods. Maybe it was true.

    August the 14th, early morning. The weather wasn’t so great with a lot of rain, hard winds and lightning. Just like a horror movie, exactly how I have been feeling the last two days. The picture wouldn’t go out of my head, not even once. I didn’t get how the picture changed from being a “selfie” type of picture of a short scary girl to a picture full of kids in the background and the girl standing in front of them…..


  6. It was the 8th of June 1463 and i had just arrived at the castle of the great count known as Martin the first of his name after my sudden departure from my home in England, because i had reasons to believe my life was in danger as friends and associates of me began to be killed by someone or perhaps something. Not long after these terrifying events I received a letter from a strange count from eastern Europe, It said something like ”I know what is after you and i will grant you asylum if you allow me to help you.”. As skeptical as i was i decided to go anyway because I didn’t really have a choice did i? Thus my long journey towards castle Martin began.

    December 5th 1463, I had been the guest of Count Martin for almost 6 months and under this time I was treated well and Martin said he would help me but I still didn’t know how! My suspicions began to grow shortly after arriving as the castle was always awfully empty. Even though Martin himself was a well educated man and a great host but things were just to quiet and it was part of the reason i felt something sinister was going on behind my back.

    Januari 25th 1464, I have felt someone or perhaps something watching me for some time now but today i feel like it’s as if this creature was right around the corner at all times and I grow more terrified by the day. Count Martin has still not told what’s happening to me and when asked if I could leave he said ”Are you sure you want to leave? After all It could prove to be fatal” with a slightly deeper and threatening tone. I wasn’t sure how to answer that so I just decided to stay as I was not willing to take the risk.

    Februari 6th 1464, this will most likely be my last entry as I have planned my leave for today. I have no reason to be here and I have grown very suspicious of the count himself. I decided to plan my trip home but as I was sitting here planning my trip i felt as though someone was watching me more intense than ever before and as I turn around i see a shadow at least 7 feet tall, but It suddenly disappears as I see it. I can’t tell if I’m going crazy or if this place is.

    Februari 7th 1464, Today is the day i take my leave from this creepy place, but as I’m now forced to hide in the guest room closet as Count Martins.. things are looking for me. This will be my last entry as i fear that this will be my last day in this world.

    The Journal of James

    I read as I find the this Journal next to this skeleton dusty skeleton. As I feel this gaze strong gaze of a vicious beast in my back….



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