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Hapinness is for instance instead of waking up in the morning and feel like ”Oh no it´s work again”. Instead of that you should feel like ”Oh yes, finally work”. Thats a big important thing in life for me. To enjoy every momentum.


Of course being rich and successful teaches you some great life lessons and you could practically buy whatever you wanted. But then what? when you have everything you want and you’re even used to it?


What is a good life? This is a question human kind have asked themselves for centuries, long ago a wise man once said ”Ain’t a good life without some good old KFC” people were shocked.. they have never heard something like this coming out of a human, what this wise man said was something revolutionary, he was changing history by the minute.
This one man made us believe in humanity, I now look up to the god of KFC, the man himself,
Bob Johnson.


A good life for me personally is having fun, doing what I enjoy and being around people that respect me and I respect them. To reach my good life I can’t be worried often.


A good life to me is money. You can basically buy anything with money, yet people say that happiness can’t be purchased by money. I think that’s bullshit. Money can buy a nice house, it can buy it can buy a nice car, prostitutes and such. It’s all about quantity. If you have enough of anything it can always end well. For example if you have a lot of shirts; I’m not talking ten or twenty; I’m talking hundreds or thousands. Of shirts all you have to do is make a company and sell the shirts.


I think a good life is that people live without stress and pain and just to try and make the place we call home . but if everyone would have there mind set on just bad things like death and killing people and steal from the rich and i think if people would stop killing everyone i think that we all could live without the feeling and need for power.


A good life? According to me is to live a happy life and to be satisfied of what you have, to not be jealous of anyone and try to live your own life. Then you can comfort yourself to be happy with what you have already. To be able to step outside, not staying home and maybe hang out with your friends if you feel for it.


What Is A Good Life?

The important thing to a good life is that everyone is loved and love others. Most people don’t realize that love is a huge part of life. Without love, you’ll feel alone and you might like it at the moment but later in your life. Then it will strike you how lonely it is. This goes together with social life. A life is nothing alone.

Life is also good when you have money. Money can also grant happiness. People have told me all my life you cant buy happiness. But anyone would be happy if they were offered 1000€. That would put a smile on anyone’s face. Money gets you a long way in this world, without money you are screwed. Without money, you have no home, warmth, food, valuables. So money is a huge part of our lives.

Health and job need to be balanced to live a good life. These are important also because with good health will help you in the long run and the job can make you happy. But it also gets you the money.

What people must realize is that every decision in their lives matter. Before you do something, think through it. Ask yourself this. Is this what I want? Will this make me happy?

Personally, what I think is a good life is that I’m wealthy enough to survive and be able to live a good life. Have my friends and family close and feel loved. I want good health because I don’t want health issues. I want to feel safe. I would like to have a job that I’m happy with and feel like I’m helping out the community.

The idea of a good life has changed past the centuries because of technology and a lot of things have evolved that have made life easier to live, but 2 things that have not changed is that money and love are two huge parts of life. Without these two, life gets pretty hard.

For the future of our generation, I think they will have the same thought process as us. Because I don’t think that much will change in the upcoming 10 years. Well, not huge changes.


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