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  1. A Good Life

    A good life? That´s a difficult question. A good life according to me is to feel loved and comfortable. In life you need love. You are not supposed to feel lonely or hated by everyone. Love according to me is being loved by my closest, my family, friends and peaople around me. Money is indeed making ME happy but thats because im in a situation with much love, but im not a millionaire. I don´t say that money makes you happy but money could help ME out a bit in situations like gaming related stuff. Being healthy is a key to happiness aswell. I think that being healthy and eating healthy is key to study good and by doing good in school you will phopefully end up at a work u hoped for, and by that u feel happy. Happiness isn´t one thing. Happiness is a summary of everything in you´r everyday life.

    Hapinness is for instance instead of waking up in the morning and feel like ”Oh no it´s work again”. Instead of that you should feel like ”Oh yes, finally work”. Thats a big important thing in life for me. To enjoy every momentum. U need to love what you do to feel happy. And another very important thing is to be satisfied with what u have, not goin there on work and be like ”I´m really of him because he drives ferrari” instead you should feel comftorable with what u go and if you really want that ferrari, work for it. Set it as a goal and work you´r way there.
    So what I wanna say with this text is that Hapinnes is not a thing you can own or bu, it´s somwthing you feel.



  2. A Good Life

    Being wealthy and living lavish doesn’t always mean that you have a good life.

    Many people strive to be millionaires, or even billionaires and when they are on the top they’re not always as happy as the once thought. Of course being rich and successful teaches you some great life lessons and you could practically buy whatever you wanted. But then what? when you have everything you want and you’re even used to it?

    I think materialistic things only makes you happy for a short period of time. At least in my personal experience. Mental health, physical health and relationships are much more important to me than being wealthy.

    Having someone that genuinely loves you is worth more than a million dollars in my books. Some would say that that’s the meaning of life. Of course you could have both of those things, but then comes the topic of gold diggers and fake friends. These words might just be some dumb slang for some that they’ve heard in lyrics, but it can be a real issue for people with wealth, it can be very hard to balance relationships and wealth out.

    Having a good life can mean very different things for different people. For me, a good life would include a lot of various things.

    Maybe you’re more passionate about staying healthy, learning or even traveling. Maybe your biggest accomplishment and a having good life would be to travel the whole world, learning and meeting people. Or being successful in the music industry and touring to different places to show your work.

    Nevertheless, a good life for me personally would be to in a good mental state and secondly being healthy physically.


    What is a good life? This is a question human kind have asked themselves for centuries, long ago a wise man once said ”Ain’t a good life without some good old KFC” people were shocked.. they have never heard something like this coming out of a human, what this wise man said was something revolutionary, he was changing history by the minute.
    This one man made us believe in humanity, I now look up to the god of KFC, the man himself,
    Bob Johnson.

    To me a good life means to be happy, do what makes you the happiest, you may not have cash cash money but if you do something you truly like, you will be happy either way and may eventually make that money.
    People talk about a healthy lifestyle, be active, eat well, but I don’t think that is needed in order to be happy.


  4. A Good Life
    I think that being healthy and doing what you want is very important in life to people. It’s also important to be happy and enjoy life while it lasts. Some people are afraid of death and because of that they are usually worried. To live a good life I think its important to just accept that we all die at some point and stop thinking about it so we aren’t worried. People need to make important decisions in life sometimes like choosing what to study or deciding weather or not to have kids. These kinds of decisions can lead to your good life. A good life for me personally is having fun, doing what I enjoy and being around people that respect me and I respect them. To reach my good life I can’t be worried often.



  5. What is a good life?

    A good life to me is money. You can basically buy anything with money, yet people say that happiness can’t be purchased by money. I think that’s bullshit. Money can buy a nice house, it can buy it can buy a nice car, prostitutes and such. It’s all about quantity. If you have enough of anything it can always end well. For example if you have a lot of shirts; I’m not talking ten or twenty; I’m talking hundreds or thousands. Of shirts all you have to do is make a company and sell the shirts.

    A good life doesn’t have to be a life with a lot of money. In my case I think I have a good life and I’m not really crazy rich, I have a descent life and what makes me the most happy is my family and friends and just people I surround myself with.

    Happiness is also a key to a good life. If you are happy with where you are in life you will feel good about yourself witch is a big step towards a good life. So there are many ways you can have a good life. The easy way of the hard way and this depends from person to person. If your only way of being happy is money then that’s going to be a challenge for most people, but if you can be happy without that much money and all you need is family and friends then that might be easier for most people.

    Environment is also a key to happiness. If you live in a very negative place where people only care about themselves and the people have a very negative vibe then you will feel unhappy and probably become more like them. People very often affect other people and they most seem to act like other people to fit in.

    Health can also be a big key to a good life since if you feel good mentally then you will feel happy witch is good for a good life. Although if you feel bad mentally and you don’t feel like you want to live then that is a very bad thing since a good life is something you want to keep and not take away. Physical health is also a good for a good life. Although I don’t feel it’s as important since you can feel healthy physically and bad mentally and you will most likely not life a good life.

    In conclusion is a good life mostly related to happiness and health, you can seek happiness in money witch you might feel successful but you will most likely feel that good health and people like family and friends will make you happier.

    // Leonardo Castaneda TE-17


  6. a good life

    I think a good life is that people live without stress and pain and just to try and make the place we call home . but if everyone would have there mind set on just bad things like death and killing people and steal from the rich and i think if people would stop killing everyone i think that we all could live without the feeling and need for power. With less individuls wanting power and money i think some people have started wars and alot of the people from that time would have been alive. A good life for me is when i dont half to stress beacuse when i stress i tend to forget stuff that people tell and if stress would stop maybe i could work and remmeber stuff that people tell me. The good life as has change for me alot as i start comeing up in high school its more homework that has to be done and more test to do and just that maybe me stress a little bit in the start and i maybe would be less stressed and i consider the people sould do this as well


  7. A Good Life
    A good life? According to me is to live a happy life and to be satisfied of what you have, to not be jealous of anyone and try to live your own life. Then you can comfort yourself to be happy with what you have already. To be able to step outside, not staying home and maybe hang out with your friends if you feel for it. You can’t miss telling the people that is important to you before it’s too late, you need to look up and see what’s the point of your life and think about it, all the time. Sometimes it can go wrong and everything could feel bad, but you need to remind yourself that you can do it. That’s the most important decision, you can either think negative or positive and you need to find your way to make it go right. A good life can mean basic stuff like having a family, work or even to study hard to succeed with what you want. I mean, not everyone can start a relation with a person, there is some people that is to shy to make friends or even talk with another person. Then you have your family; they are always there for you. If something ever goes wrong with your family then you have Internet, there will always be ways to solve things that feel hard.

    The idea of life changes all time as you grow old, you learn much more and you basically change your perspective of what you want in life. The most important thing for future generation is to make a good decision of your life.


  8. What Is A Good Life?

    The important thing to a good life is that everyone is loved and love others. Most people don’t realize that love is a huge part of life. Without love, you’ll feel alone and you might like it at the moment but later in your life. Then it will strike you how lonely it is. This goes together with social life. A life is nothing alone.

    Life is also good when you have money. Money can also grant happiness. People have told me all my life you cant buy happiness. But anyone would be happy if they were offered 1000€. That would put a smile on anyone’s face. Money gets you a long way in this world, without money you are screwed. Without money, you have no home, warmth, food, valuables. So money is a huge part of our lives.

    Health and job need to be balanced to live a good life. These are important also because with good health will help you in the long run and the job can make you happy. But it also gets you the money.

    What people must realize is that every decision in their lives matter. Before you do something, think through it. Ask yourself this. Is this what I want? Will this make me happy?

    Personally, what I think is a good life is that I’m wealthy enough to survive and be able to live a good life. Have my friends and family close and feel loved. I want good health because I don’t want health issues. I want to feel safe. I would like to have a job that I’m happy with and feel like I’m helping out the community.

    The idea of a good life has changed past the centuries because of technology and a lot of things have evolved that have made life easier to live, but 2 things that have not changed is that money and love are two huge parts of life. Without these two, life gets pretty hard.

    For the future of our generation, I think they will have the same thought process as us. Because I don’t think that much will change in the upcoming 10 years. Well, not huge changes.

    Kim heter jag, tror jag


  9. What is a good life?

    A good life for me is when everything goes as planned. A good life means I have my family, friends and money.

    If am with my family having good life and that we got good money, good job just having fun, or being with friends maybe eating or going to a cinema. This whole world is about money so if you want a good and funny life money is the key.

    A good funny job with maybe friends as colleges with good money, a job that many things happens in.

    The most important for me is my family, that’s why life would be the worst my family


  10. English 5
    Teacher: Daniel Wernegren
    Atheer salim, TE17

    A Good Life
    I Think the most important thing to the people in general is that he or she has a home or a place where the can live and that they can have access to food and water plus won’t forget that they can live in a place in peace without been afraid of a missile striking them a place where there’s no war; without a shelter, you can’t continue to grow and that makes it harder to get a good education and a good job.

    I think the most important the decision people have to make is if they are willing to continue to learn. Because if you learn you can have a good education, you can develop yourself into a sharper weapon. What I mean is that you can become successful you can have a lot of responsibility and power to help others, you can help the community and the city that live to make it better. In reward, you can buy things that you want a shelter for you and your family, food so you can survive. You don’t have to think about the money that makes so you can spend more time with family, friends, relatives and your loved ones.

    Good life for me is I do the things that love that and can achieve my goals. I know that doing the thing I love and trying my best will bring me money because you get a lot of money if you are good at something and there is science to making money and that should not be my priority. If I just keep hunting money I will not experience the most valuable thing in life and that is doing the thing you love and develop yourself. In reward, I get more time to spend with the ones I love. I also get time to train, train sport to get stronger and more powerful. So, if I want to get my good life I have to make sure to keep doing the thing that loves and never ever loses hope and someday I will succeed but if I stop doing It then will never happen.

    I believe the idea of a good life has changed in a bad way because further back in time people were doing the things they loved and those people help to shape the world that we exist today. The thing is that people in that time never had the technology that we had today and still they came up with astonishing things but today we have all these stuffs and still we can’t figure out how those people could come up with these kinds of things. I believe that if you can help people with your creations then you have a good life but also would like to point that more and more people and not chasing their goals they are just chasing money and in the end, they have not experienced love, spending time with family because they will die sooner or later. People just work 8 hours a day and they go home and eat & sleep. They do it till they die, however, I don’t if that is just my opinion or other have the same.

    I think the thing that will be important for future generations is to look around you, feel feelings and don’t just do something you don’t love just to earn some extra money because you will regret it later in your life. You will ask yourself why didn’t I do that instead of this?
    You will end being miserably and the most important thing your legacy will be gone, no one will know that you even existed.


  11. A good life
    A good life according to me is when you are in a great condition and you have friends and family that care about you. It’s not that hard to be in a great condition, it only takes a long time. Training isn’t that hard to do and eating healthy isn’t either, you just have to commit to it. Finding friends can be a bit harder though; some friends can be fake and just turn on your back at anytime. I’ve had that in my life and you feel like you want to do something bad and you feel bad. And if someone wants to drag you down, just don’t listen to them, always listen to the good things people say to you, you feel more liked if you do it that way. Family, one important if not the most important thing in your life, the people that will stay with you till the end. The family you get can you not choose but learn to love, your girlfriend/wife and kids is the only thing you can choose, so you need to pick it carefully. Not trying to learn wont get you anywhere, going to school and university is something that will help you a lot, it will help you learn for the future. School will help you come up to university that will help you get a job. Maybe you wont get the job you want to after university but it can always come back if you become unemployed.



    The important good life may have different options but there is necessary things that you should have to like good health because if you have good health you can afford to make the other things that you need like education, money, social life.
    To have a good family is one the best things that can lead you to have a good life because we are people, we make a lot of mistakes or sometimes we fall down att all we are not complete but if we have a good family that can support your hard times you have a lucky. if you’re married to have a good wife is one of the important things in life and they said every success man there is a woman behind him.

    To have a good life needs a lot of efforts and use your time smartly. What is the effort that I mentioned my text? It is to educate your self. If you educate your self you have the ability to know what is good for you and what’s bad for you.

    My type of good life is to have a good health, obey the God, family with a lot of kids, educate my self and yeah €€money€€ .

    To reach your goals and good you need need to motivate your self set she five golden rules
    set goals that motivate You. When you set goals for yourself, it is important that they motivate you: this means making sure that they are important to you, and that there is value in achieving them. …
    Set SMART Goals. …
    Set Goals in Writing. …
    4. Make an Action Plan. …
    Stick With It!



    For me a good life is like first to be Healthy and Happy, have my family and my friends around me,wake up early in the morning and perform my Religion duties.

    Meet friends and having a time with them is also something important for me.
    Learning new things all the time trying and doing live experience. And on top of that living my own life with out caring how others see me. Those are the most important things to have in order to live a good life in my opinion.

    Decisions I do need sometimes to make in life are to get rid of the habits that pulling me back and stopping me to succeed even if i enjoy doing that I should take a decision to stop it as soon as possible before it ruin my life and before it devastated my life.
    Just to be more clear let me take an example. Someone is bad at drinking alkohol then that person needs to take a decision against that bad habit and we know it would be hard but sometimes life needs to challenge your own self and try to be a better person than you where last year last month last week or last day if you are solid.

    To reach my goals I need to make a real life plan and I mean it real life plan. Living without a timetable and without goals life would be the same as playing a football without a goal records. To reach my good life I need to be awake in mind and have attention to avoid what ever would distance me the way to the good life and push my self to do what ever approach or hold me the way to the good life.
    There is a lot of things to say here when we are talking about how somebody reach the good life he/she wish.
    to reach that life we should get the small things done like caring our body, take care of our sanitation and making our bed efter we wake up. You wonder or you don’t why I mention these small things. I believe if I can’t make the small things done I can’t make the bigger ones done too.

    The Idea of a good life changed over time.
    Time, how we live knowledge we study and the internet we use changed how we see what it would to have a good life. For example if you would ask a child 100 years ago what would you like to get as a present sure the child would say something candy a toy etc and if you ask a child now the same question you’ll get a different answer.

    Technology and artificial intelligence would be the important of future generations.



  14. A Good Life

    What is a good life for me?
    A good life according to me is to live life on my terms and to be able to decide on my own life as much as possible. The most important thing for me is to have a good family and everyone in my family feels good, be happy and healthy. Another important thing is to have a home or a place for living.
    Living in free, being out of stress, spending my time with my lessons and my friends, having a good economy and playing soccer, are also sign of a good life for me.
    There are also many other options for a good life such as, to be able to enjoy life as it is fullest with many kind of good things. like delicious foods, traveling around the world, having a good job without stress, living in security with all possibilities of a good life, to have ability to go to school, drink clean water and living in a quiet place with family.
    To have a good life, you have to epend your time in a good way. You have to learn knoledge, and then if you learn knoledge, you can decide over your life.
    The idea of a good life has changed in the way that more and more people think that money is more important than family and that it is not so important to have children. A lot of couples and families buying a dog or a cat instead of having a baby. I think that it is redicilous because money can not buy for you luck and a cat or a dog could never give you the amount of love that a child would give for you.
    Love is also an important thing in our life. All of people need to love and without love everyone will feel alone.


  15. A Good Life

    A good life differs between diffrent kind of people. That’s what is so facinating about the human species we are all diffrent.

    Some people seek happiness in making money, some in music, personally i think a good life is a life where u live under your own circumstances and basically do whatever that makes you happy. Alot of people overlook this and don’t know that they are already living a life filled with happiness before they lose the thing that they love and see how much they really needed it. Thats the reason some people find joy in making money but not spending it.

    Everyone wants to live a good life, but most dosn’t want to work towards making their life better, they think it’ll magically link up in the future. And that might be the case but just incase it wont are you fine with the end result? I think there are two kind of people when it come to this topic, those who want more and are willing to go after what they want, and those who are satisfied with what they have.
    Most people are satisfied… im not.
    And that’s what a good life is for me, acheiving my own goals set by myself.



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