Literary Tabloid!

You have now read A Modest Proposal and seen Henry V.

In this task we pretend that these two texts have enfolded in real life.

You work at a tabloid and decide to write the tabloid sensation news piece about the events depicted in the play, or essay. More examples here.


  1. Create a dramatic and interesting headline
  2. Explain the most important (dramatic) thing that happened. Go for the shock!

More theory


Tabloid Headlines
The best-known tabloid headline in journalism history used alliteration to play with words in reporting a murder: ”Headless Body in Topless Bar.” If you can think of a clever, in-your-face way to use alliteration or rhyme in your headline, all the better; generally, keep it short, punchy, witty and breezy. Tabloid headlines can take liberties that traditional journalism wouldn’t touch. Consider the Daily News headline after a speech by president Gerald R. Ford: ”FORD TO CITY: DROP DEAD.” The president did not use those exact words, but [even the staid New York Times allows] ( that the headline captured ”arguably the essence of his remarks.”

Tabloid Style
In traditional journalism, the police arrested a criminal. In a tabloid story of the same event, the cops busted a thug. Tabloid stories are written in a conversational, informal style, using simple, vivid everyday language. ”Straight” news writers strive for an objective tone; in a tabloid story, the writer’s use of adjectives, wordplay and personalized detail often leave the reader with little doubt about his feelings. The goal of tabloid style is to make the reader feel, whether disgusted, elated, outraged or amused.

Tabloid Story Structure
A good tabloid lead sentence summarizes the story right up front in a way that’s designed to maximize shock value. Pull the reader in and don’t let go; sentences and paragraphs are typically short and to the point. Rather than the common inverted pyramid structure of a standard news story, in which the less important information is often in the concluding paragraphs, a tabloid story should circle around and restate the essence of the lead, often adding one more telling or ironic detail for a dramatic grand finale.

12 reaktioner till “Literary Tabloid!”

    In a recent proposal, Jonathan Swift (44) of Doublin, Ireland, suggested that we eat Irish children as a ludicrous source of being economically efficient.
    After a provocation from the Dauphin of France, King Henry V (34) of the House Lancaster Decides to attack and conquer France as its rightful heir and regent. After winning the battle of Azincourt it is apparent that he is truly a remarkable ruler and commander. Negotiations are ongoing as of this moment, although it is said that King Henry will succeed in this ordeal.


    1. EDIT
      In a recent proposal, Jonathan Swift (44) of Doublin, Ireland, suggested that we eat Irish children as a ludicrous source of being economically efficient as well as decreasing the chance of Irish children growing up to betray England for Spain or becoming thieves and crooks.
      After a provocation from the Dauphin of France, King Henry V (34) of the House of Lancaster decides to attack and conquer France as its rightful heir and regent. After winning the battle of Azincourt it is apparent that he is truly a remarkable ruler and commander. The negotiations have been accepted and King Henry is now married to Queen Catherine of Valois (19), the Princess of France.


  2. Baby Stew with carrots and cabbage. Irlands new national dish.

    A man want us to become child eaters. In Johnathan Swift newest proposal. He goes on about the trouble we have in Irland and that we need get rid of this problem of poor children on the street.

    Irland is at risk of child poverty and the goverment it´s not dealing with the problem. Nobody is doing anything and this is the real problem with this society. Johnathan Swift takes this problem to another level and propose a liturgical proposal to this major question. What should we do. The politicians haven´t done anything to prevent this major problem we have i our modern society. We love our sweet babies but in what way. Eat babies, we need to eat babies. What benefit do they bring. Babies are a burdened and they will only be criminals in there older life. Why not use there bodies and the nutrition to keep out the hunger problem we have in this country. Solving one problem by getting rid of another one, Genius !!



    The proposal posted by Jonathan Swift certanly shocked when the author suggested that a possible solution to the poverty problem in Ireland is to consume children under the age of 1. In Swifts proposal he compares cattle to children and calculated the nourishment of a chicken equivalent to that of a child. Swift arguments against the claim of inhumanity of the act by stating that the children will only grow up to turn traitors against the state by becoming mercenaries or chosing the career of theives and cutthroats. He supports said suggestion by claiming that it would help with both the poverty and famine in Ireland as the mothers would recive money as a reward by ”selling” their adolescents.



    The war against England and France was an intense fight. At first the Englishmen had some problems for being outnumbered by the french people by five times!, but the english men didn’t let it be a problem because they totally slaughtered the french that day and they managed win the battle of Azincourt for the english people.


  5. The worst soldiers in history?(NOT CLICKBAIT)

    The french lost the war in Agincourt, but here’s the plot…
    the French was 5 times more than the brittish?
    The real question is, the Brittish one of the best armies in the world or is the French one of the worst?

    Henry the 5th led the Brittish in to war after claiming parts of France with the consequences that France insulted Henry for his
    ridiculous acts.

    The French has always been proud people but their bark has always been louder than the bite. And this day that statement have been proven.


  6. “Sweet babies – Now for sale! But for what usage?”

    Poverty is getting a bigger and bigger problem in Ireland. So what’s the solution? Eat the children! That’s at least what’s Jonathan Swift proposed for a solution for child poverty.

    Child poverty is increasing and needs to get fixed. But in what way, we ask. Jonathan Swifts sees children as the solution but in an odd and different way if you ask most other people. Swifts sees the usage of children for being a source of mostly food, but also leather. The proposed solution is that the flesh from the babies can be used to sell as food to other. The skin from the children can be used in the same way, but for leather to make clothes like gloves and jackets.

    This way is supposed like be a new type of market item for poor people. In that way, they can make babies to later sell them to the middle- or high-class people as food and leather. By eating the children before they are grown up we don’t suffer they problems children gets by being poor, criminality and more poor people. Because what would the poor people do when they grow up and don’t a get a job? They would become a problem for the society so why not solve a problem with solving another problem? Solve the economic crisis while also reducing the crime rate!



    King of England, Henry V claims he is the rightful owner of both the English and France thrones and decides to take France by force. Both England and France are marching into war with great confidence from both sides. But England comes out as victors despite being the underdogs of the situation. He then marries Catherine of Valois from France.

    Henry V claims his right to the French throne because of a very distant relative. Henry V decides to take back what he considers to be his rightful throne. Henry V says after the battle of Adincourt and i quote ”They had it coming!” as 10 000 French and Englishmen lay dead on the battlefield. The French suffered heavy casualties compared to England and ultimately lost the Battle which meant France lost not only the battle but also the war at the hands of Henry V. With the war finished Henry V also marries the daughter of the French monarch Charles VI. His daughter is known as Catherine of Valois.


  8. ”What’s for dinner?”
    Jonathan Swift: ”kids!”

    Some a time ago, a suggestion made by an English priest named Jonathan Swift, aged 44, came up with the idea of ”turning” poor people’s kids into a helpful beings of the society by handing most of these newborn kids into the kitchen and prepare them to be the ”meal of the day” !
    He also proposes that the hundred thousand Irish children born in a year should be separated: around 20 000 should be kept for the continuance of the population whilst the rest of these children should be sold as delicacies. Prices were also set for an average newborn child, and he was explaining all this like he was talking about the chicken prices in the grocery store.
    Jonathan knows himself that this promotes cannibalism but it would be one very efficient method.


  9. Writer states: “Eat the poor!”

    Jonathan Swift(44), a writer from Dublin, writes about the problem in Ireland and that the problem will be solved by eating the babies from the poor, like they were bacon and eggs. So please sen us your best recipes Swift!



    Jonathan Swift wrote a suggestion about eating the poor children to improve economy. He thought that it could help to have a better economy.
    He was just thinking about money and economy and not about the children and it was money that was important for him.


  11. I’m really sorry for this abomination, but i lost a lot of time trying to get my computer to work.

    Ireland resorting to cannibalism!
    Irish priest Jonathan Swift suggests that the thorough famine of Ireland is pushing people to disregard their starving sons and daughters to instead instigate some sort of food gathering.

    The situation in Ireland is dire at this day. The people of Ireland is running relatively low on valuable vegetable commodities. Them foods be running low like that henny be running down my throat. Speaking of throats, Jonathan Swift suggests we put babies down them to quench our hunger.



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