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The definition of the word game is ”a physical or mental activity or contest that has rules and that people do for pleasure”.

Games rely on a mechanic a set of rules or challenges that drive the activity. It might be a a problem to be solved or a set of tokens to be collected. All successful games strike a balance between work and reward. Most games include an element of uncertainty, chance or other such complex feature to ensure that the outcome of the activities in the game is not given at the outset.

Different kinds of games

  • Board games, tabletop games and card games

The traditional games include Monopoly, chess and poker. They are the hallmarks of their respective genre. Board games typically take place on a piece of cardboard where the games activities is regulated by movement through various boxes, or similar, drawn on the board.

Tabletop games are also called miniature games. This type of game typically revolve around the stylized resolution of combat or battles. Often, but not always, much time is devoted to the building or painting of the pieces used in the game’s combat.

Card games revolve around the resolution of a conflict by the use of various hands of cards drawn from one or many decks. The understanding of the meaning and relationship between different cards in the game is often critical to the possibility to win the game

  • Roleplaying games

Roleplaying draw on storytelling, live theatre or drama to enhance the experience of the game. Sometimes roleplaying use mechanics like cards, tabletop miniatures or dice to resolve conflict. The game is arbitrated by a judge or a Game Master.

  • Computer games

Computer games rely heavily on some form of preprogrammed dynamic either through a narrative, a story, or through visual obstacles, hazards or conflicts.

The first generation of computer games were often text adventures, in which the player communicated with the computer by entering commands through a keyboard. Some early games used a third-person perspective where you moved a character, vehicle or similar object in a two-dimensional world. Nowadays many games are situated in a three-dimensional world where you control a character from a first-person perspective.

Increasingly the verisimilitude of the game has become better and better as the performance of computers has improved. Paradoxically, Minecraft, a game with a primitive visual interface has won wide-spread popularity. This is mainly explained by the sandbox-type setting of the game, in the game players can have a great freedom to create any world they like, something that has become an outlet for creativity for those who play it.

Game Theory and Gamification

Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. Gamification commonly employs game design elements which are used in so called non-game contexts in attempts to improve user engagement, organizational productivity, learning, employee recruitment and evaluation,  physical exercise, among others

Game theory is ”the study of mathematical models of conflict and cooperation between intelligent rational decision-makers.” Game theory is mainly used in economics, political science, and psychology, as well as logic, computer science, and biology.


Write a brief review or recommendation of your favourite game. Tell me what the game is about and about what  makes you want to play it.

Add photos or links to enhance your review.


28 reaktioner till “Games, games, games”

  1. Tic Tac Toe
    I won when it’s the medium level but neither I or the computer didn’t win the impossible one.
    I think it’s impossible to win against the impossible one, that’s why they call that name.
    The story of the game is like playing in 3 X 3 grid and choosing whether O or X and then who gets vertical, horizontal or diagonal line will win the game.


  2. I think that tic tac toe is more like a dummy test then a real game because its sets your mind to really think
    and if your wrong you will get the computer will try and beat you but when you do win then thats a positiv


  3. I think that the game is genuinely fun because it is a game that you have think a way to win. This game can be quite challenging sometimes but I think that is what makes this game so much fun and good. Also the rules are very easy you just have to get 3 of the same figures in a row. The story about this game is what you ever do one mistakes can make you lose the game and even if the both players are good they will continue to play the game till one of the player makes a mistake and there other player win.


  4. Tic tac toe is great game. You should be smart when playing tic tac toe game. I played 10 times but no one won. It’s not easy to win the game.


  5. tic tac toe is a great game to play if you have time to spare. the story about the game is to think as logical as you can.
    Loneliness game is a game that tells the story that you should think about that people might be alone.


  6. Tic Tac Toe:
    I think this game is good because its so simple. The meaning is to win against your opponent by getting 3 in a row.

    I think the game is good. It was made as a tribute to lonely people and at the end you get a message that reads: Children and adolescents in Korea are the least satisfied with their lives among 26 member countries of the OECD. Many report loneliness as a major factor. This notgame was made for them.


  7. Tic tac toe is one of my favorite games, it’s such a simple game yet it’s one of the hardest to master. I won 10 straight games since I played it a lot when I was younger.
    Loneliness was a new sort of ”game” to me, it’s more of a story than a game but I still enjoyed it. I can kinda relate to it so I understand the purpose behind it.


  8. I like tic tac toe game when I am the winner. it´s easy to play tic tac toe in the medium level but impossible level is really impossible.


  9. Tic Tac Toe is a really fun but simple game, its a game who puts ur mind to the test.
    Loneliness is a game based on reality. That people are very lonely in this world and thats a problem.


  10. Tic tac toe is a classic and basic game.
    It isn’t the best game in the world but it can be fun to play with a friend.

    I like the game, doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it.

    The story should be to have fun, and to be able to play against a bot to have fun.

    Loneliness game isn’t a very fun game to play, but it does give us a perspective about lonely people around the world.

    I don’t think the game is supposed to be entertaining but instead it gives us a message about people who are lonely and requires help.


  11. Tic Tac Toe
    The story behind this wonderful game is that there are 2 people left in the universe and they play this one game in order to know who of them sohould be promoted to ”God” you play as one of the people, you either place out an O or an X and the first one to get 3 X’s or O’s in a row wins. I played this game online vs medium hard and impossible, the medium hard difficulty was too easy and I won every time however as soon as I played on impossible the game becamae something else, noone won, and noone ever will.
    This explains why they keep playing the game to this day


  12. Tic Tac Toe
    I won when it’s the medium level but neither I or the computer didn’t win the impossible one.
    I think it’s impossible to win against the impossible one, that’s why they call that name.
    The story of the game is like playing in 3 X 3 grid and choosing whether O or X and then who gets vertical, horizontal or diagonal line will win the game.


  13. The game loneliness is quite interesting as game and I can se that the game is trying to tell us something. That maybe we don’t realize. That maybe we treat somebody bad and don’t realize that we hurt their feelings, this game makes us be aware how to be loneliness that no body won’t hang out with you.
    The game is about a person and every time he gets near people they go away and it continues like this all the time.


  14. Tic Tac Toe
    It’s a very simplistic, classic game but still so good. I can’t say much more, you can play it against AI or your friend. It could almost also be used as a IQ test in a way, as it requires some basic thinking. On the impossible difficulty, they really mean it. You always get a tie and sometimes lose.

    It’s almost sad in a way as everything you get near disappears. The ”game” gets darker an darker the further you go, I wouldn’t really call it a game, it’s more of like a narrative. In the end a text pops up saying that children in Korea are reporting loneliness as factor of their unsatisfaction… Its crazy how pixels can bring so much emotion.


  15. Tic tac toe is just a fun little game that just needs a little bit of brain power, if you can play with games with a pattern you can win, but if you play on the impossible level you can’t win, you can just lose. You can tell that by the name ”impossible”. It can be stupid sometimes but it can also be a nice little game to play if you’re borde with a friend.

    Loneliness is a game based on people that are lonely. You can see from the game that the other black dots play and then runaway as soon as the black dot, that you are, come along. That is something that’s happening in real life right now, which is bad.


  16. Tic Tac Toe
    Is a game that proves that not always someone has to win. I played 15 times vs the computer with the skill level impossible and no one won. Its basically a worse version of its uncle 4 in a row. Tic Tac Toe is a fun game to play when bored.


  17. If you are playing the tic take toe game then maybe you’r going to win or lose and getting the result equal.
    when you’r playing in impossible the it’s impossible to win. It doesn’t matter if your too smart and good in the game.


  18. The loneliness game
    The game is kind of boring, It forced me to take a decision like if I quit the game or continou playing and its fruitless game. Just going and playing no goals no challenges. In other words the game describes what the real loneliness look like and how it feels.


  19. Tic tac toe is a game that makes you think twice before you make any move.
    Loneliness is a sad game that is based on a real life senario, the game is showing how it is to be lonely as a kid ora an adult.


  20. What i have learned from the ultimatum game is that you will never get more than you begin with if you share. The person who shares will either get 0 or have less than the person who is getting.


  21. Tic tac toe is a very useful game which is very good for testing of our mind. In this game there are two players who trying to win each other. This game is such a little difficult game and just need to a little brain power. The story of this game should be to have fun with other people. You can play tic tac toe with your friends. It is easy when you plays in medium level but it is really impossible to win this game when you plays in the impossible level.


  22. In the ultimatum game I’ve learned that person B will almost all the time want the majority of the money cause he didn’t have it from the start. If person A offers person B 1 dollar he won’t accept it cause he feels that it’s unfair and that’s what this game is based, how greedy people are and what people think is fair or not.


  23. Tic tac toe is a game that makes you think fast and smart.
    Loneliness is a sad game that is based on a real life so it makes you feel bad when you play the game.


  24. Ultimatum game

    It provides insight into a human or in this example a chimpanzee’s choices and if the believe the deal is fair. The test can then see if an individual is advantageous, selfish or even friendly. Even further, the test can see if the receiver is grateful for what they got. Most people would say that 50/50 is a fair share, but the receiver gives the money away for free. So a fair share would really be to receive anything at all. But the other individual has the full majority of the money, so our minds comprehend the deal as unfair.


  25. Loneless is not a real game. It is such a sad game. I didn’t like this game. The story of this game shows the loneliness of the people. Every friends that we get near disappears. I think that tic tac toe is better than the loneliness game.


  26. I juste to play tic tac toe alot but men I started losing every time I stop playing it but its a satisfying game to play when you and you and your friend is alone somewhere like in school.
    but the game is the beast



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