Sonnet 55 and reading

Questions to consider

(a) Why do you think the rich and powerful people get monuments and statues erected in their memory?
(b) Why does the poet refer to Time as being ”sluttish”?
(c) What is the message of the poem? What do you think of it?

Sonnet 55

Wikipedia on sonnet 55


Please read at least 250 pages for next Wednesday. Bring at least one quote and a comment.


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  1. a. They get monuments to keep them alive.
    b. He means that time will not try and keep peoples legacy alive.
    c. The message is that words survive time better than stone and life.


  2. 1. The reason that the rich and powerful get monument is to help remember them or what they did. its a sort of memoar.
    2. He calls time ”sluttish” i his poem, referring to how time ”gets around”.
    3. What i believe is that he wants to show people that words have power, and words last. anything physical will eventually disappear, but words will remain.


    1. *but words will remain, as long as someone thinks they bear some sor of value.


  3. (a) Why do you think the rich and powerful people get monuments and statues erected in their memory?
    (b) Why does the poet refer to Time as being ”sluttish”?
    (c) What is the message of the poem? What do you think of it?

    a) To keep their memory alive
    b) It doesn’t matter cause they will be forgotten whatever the circumstances.
    c) Good speeches can encourage more than statues and through words you’ll learn much more
    of the person than a statue


  4. a, I think the main reason for rich and powerful people getting statues in their honor is to make them live on after they are dead. It could also be to make it seem like they are more powerful. Having a statue of yourself shows that you have money and money means power.
    b, I think it’s a way to say that time won’t try and keep you alive.
    c, The message is in my opinion meant to show that his message his words will stand the test of time unlike the statues of the rich. Their legend will end when his lives on.


  5. A) I think is because they are so well known that when they die they will still be remembered.

    B) Because time wont help you live for a very long time.

    C) The message he is saying is that words survive longer than any other physical thing.


  6. a) They get moments to keep their memory alive. A way to make their mark on the world and be remembered.

    b)Because it doesn’t care for anyone or anything, everything dies eventually because of time. It just keeps going no matter what.

    c) It’s like his way of showing the power of a few words, he means to say that this poem will have more power than any statue or other monuments built. I think it’s true because this poem already proved it’s point I think, can’t really argue against it.


  7. a) I think it s because they hav the money to do it. They think they are important because they have so much money and they can do probably anything, so they rise a monument or statue so the people don’t forget them when they are gone.

    b) He refers to time being sluttish because he is assigning gender to time, and means that time is a whore clinging to the statue of a man, the ”immortalized beloved”.

    c) I think its about someone being in deeply in love with someone, but they can’t be with him/her, or how love is immortal, it will always be there and live on, but in different forms. The poem also describes how the person might be feeling when thinking about the person, of how it won’t work or maybe that he/she doesn’t feel the same. Personally, i don’t really like this poem but i kind off do, because it is both sad and romantic. The romantic thing is how it is like he’s describing how love never dies, it lives on, and the sad thing is how the poem starts with how love can be horrible and what it can make people do and how it can make you feel.


  8. a) They get monuments to keep them ”alive” and remembered for what they were.
    b) Time been described as ”Sluttish” as a way to say whatever builds up eventually fades away in time.
    c) The message with this poem is to show how words can last longer than monuments over a longer time. Such as this poem will last longer than a statue of Shakespeare himself.


  9. a. They have money. So they use their money to get shit, so people will remember them.

    b. Time will move on and not care to keep you alive

    c. That everyone and everything is going to die. But words can live on


  10. 1) I think that they show that you can get famous and get your goals in the life and you can be what you want to be if you work hard and never give up.

    2) Mening of ”sluttish time” in this text is that the time is very dangerous and it devastating.

    3) The message is that the status now will be destroyed anyway by the ”sluttish time” but it will never destroy the poem.


  11. a. I think because people these days want the other people who are not very well educated to be able to see that this kind of ”special” people existed in the past and that they can become for example an intellectually superior person like Shakespeare by hard work.

    b. In the poem ”sluttish” can mean many different things, mostly going by the synonyms ”ravaged” ”devastating”, etc. Basically meaning that it is the type of time that is taking good things away from us, and that is mostly why Shakespeare mentioned these words connected to a graveyard in his poem.

    c. The message of the poem is that even though there are rich and famous people having their statues everywhere, they will not last as much as Shakespeare’s rhymes do. These monuments will eventually collapse in one day while his words will be forever kept in books on papers with permanent ink that can not be simply deleted or forgotten.
    He mentions that even when war comes, it will destroy all these handmade things, but it will never affect ”The living record of your memory”, in this case, this poem, that will last for future generations until the end of humanity until the ”judgement day”, the end of the world.


  12. a) There are two main reasons that they want statues i would say. The first is that it serves as a memorial so that everyone know who the person is or was if he/she is dead. The other which is a bigger reason if the person is alive is that they want people to know that they are powerful and uses the statue as a way of bragging about how much better than everyone else they are.

    b) It could mean that time is wasteful and has no regard for the structures we have build as eventually all buildings fall apart and that time does nothing to preserve the building blocks.

    c) I think the message is that words can live on forever even after the author of them are gone as they get passed on to other people. Unlike the structures we leave behind who eventually deteriorate and after time they are gone. And even if the original bearer of the words might die by natural causes or by war the words are a part of the culture to which the author belonged to and therefore the words live on as long as there are humans.


  13. a) Because the rich have money so they can afford an everlasting memory in form of a statue.
    b) He means that time just moves on it doesn’t care for the peoples life it interacts with.
    c) I think the poem is trying to say that what will always remain of you is the the memory that lives on in the people you have affected, the knowledge about you so to speak. While ”stuff” like statues an such will tare.


  14. 1. Why do you think the rich and powerful people get monuments and statues erected in their memory?
    2. Why does the poet refer to Time as being ”sluttish”?
    3. What is the message of the poem? What do you think of it?

    1. Rich and powerful people usually strive to get more powerful and have more influence on people. So as a symbol of power they usually have expensive items, clothes, accessories etc. for instance a huge golden monument isn’t something with a value. You can’t actually do anything with it. It’s just there to prove you have power and money to waste. It can also serve as a memorial to the person so that he will be remembered as powerful. But there’s mainly narcissism in making a statue of themselves.

    2. Could be a metaphor that time takes from you, takes and takes, just like a prostitute or an annoying wife that you aren’t happily married with. Or it’s just another meaning of sluttish time, like sluttish time is filthy time. The word ”sluttish” could describe either a sexually immoral woman or a shabby, untidy woman.

    3. Shakespeare is talking about a lover or perhaps multiple people around him who loves him. But not especially him, not especially anyone. He’s not even talking about himself. First he describes ”This poem will last longer than statues and monuments”, then he goes on saying ”You will be immortalized in this poem, the statues and monuments will eventually fade”, continued by ”War will destroy these monuments built”, meaning that no matter what all of these statues and monument WILL be destroyed and there are no inbetweens. The poem is then followed up with what I explain as ”This poem which YOU will be remembered cannot be destroyed by any of this.” After this he talks about the immortality in the poem ”Against all odds (”Death and emnity”) you will find a way through that who seeks to destroy all”
    Then he finishes it up with ”Until the end of the world, you will forever live on in this poem.”


  15. a) As the time goes by, the monuments will stand but not the people.

    b) as time goes by we will eventually have nothing and there will be no award for our effort.

    c) That there are words/poems that can live for a longer time then anything else we have if it is influent enought.



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