Eyewitness 2

Task 1:  Write a description of everything you can see in picture A and picture B. Use as much detail as possible.

Task 2: Write 10-15 lines comparing the two pictures and what they tell us about Swedish and British political traditions.

Task 3 (if you finish early): Compare the scenes in pictures C and D. When and where do you think that they were taken? What is going on?

Picture A (click to enlarge)


Picture B


Picture C


Picture D



En tanke på “Eyewitness 2”

  1. Task 1
    1. A lot of folk which may come from different countries and they are wearing different colored dresses like red and white and blue dresses
    2. Prince and queen sitting infront of people with golden chairs
    3. Red line carpet which queen use when she would climb the teater
    4. Bunches of candles located the horns of the teater
    5. Golden wall which is behind the queen and king
    6. Two doors
    7. Crown on queens head
    8. The king have a number of medals on his shoulders
    9. Note or document papers
    10. The cross sign.
    11. Sign on the wall
    12. Sword symbol of the state
    13. Prince John
    14. Folk wearing wigs

    1. Picture B

    1. Microfones
    2. Flowers
    3. The King
    4. Tables
    5. Pappers
    6. Folk
    7. Men wearing suits
    8. glasses
    Task 2
    The main difference between the two pictures is clothes. The British culture are more religious then the Swedish culture as we can notice in the picture this may make the British culture more classic while the Swedish culture looks more modernized.



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