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  1. p85 ”You could have asked me to stay the night” she said in her cold-stone voice. ”I don’t think i could,” said shadow. ”You will hon,” she said. ”Before all this is over. You will”

    I enjoy this comment made by Laura to shadow. It hints toward what will be in store for shadow while still not telling the reader anything about what will actually happen. The reader still does not know what Laura is at this point, or what she will be. We don’t know if she will be a guardian angel, a lover to be kidnapped or whatever. We do however know that she will play a role in the story to come, even if it is a minimal one.

    p55 ”Hey Sweeney,” said Shadow, breathless, ”why are we fighting?” ”For the joy of it,” said Sweeney, sober now, or at least, no longe4r visibly drunk. ”For the sheer unholy fucken delight of it.”

    This quote from Sweeney tells a lot about his personality, about how insanely twisted his sense of reality is. It makes me question, what his reality is. Since hes living in this already messed up reality, working for Wednesday and all that must entail some adventures that alter the way one views the world.

    p64 ”They didn’t tell you?” Her voice was calm, emotionless. ”Your wife died with my husbands cock in her mouth, Shadow.”

    I can’t really say much about why i chose this comment, except that it had a shock factor, which just really made me react strongly. Its also slightly comical after a while, considering that Neil Gaiman could quite easily have incorporated that plot point in a smoother, less brunt manner, but the upfront -ness definitely made me giggle.


  2. 1. ”How was the funeral?” he asked.
    ”it’s over” said Shadow.
    ”that shitty,huh? You want to talk about it?”
    ”No” said shadow
    ”good”. said Wednesday grinned. ” Too much talking these days. Talk talk talk. this country would get along much better if people learned to suffer in silence.

    I find this quote very interesting cause you can interpret in a lot of ways, i interpreted that being quiet
    about your problems will help others more than if you go complain about your problems. Cause everyone has
    problems in life and telling others that you’re depressed wont help anyone.

    2 ”If you’d been here,” she said, ” this would never have happened” I don’t know why she married you. I told her. Time and again, I told her. But they don’t listen to their mothers do they?”

    This quote is really cruel if you know the backstory to what Shadow went through, before the conversation
    he find out that he’s wife was cheating on him and now was dead. You find out later that Laura was the reason Shadow was in prison. This is not in the film series maybe cause they don’t want to portray him as a punching bag as they do in the book.


  3. p21-22 Then, because people make mistakes, he’d seen it happen, he called home, and listened to Laura’s voice.

    This is right after he arrives at the airport, on his way home from prison. It really shows how much he misses his wife, because he wants to hear her voice, even if he knows she’s gone. But i see this moment as a pause, for him to just to take a breath and just think of her, and her only, and its a nice pause after the prison part.

    p42 ”I got out of prison this morning,” he said. ”This is my first meal as a free man. You won’t object if I wait until after I’ve eaten to read your page seven?”.

    I thought this part was a bit funny. He just asks it so care-free but politliy, and I think its a nice side to see of him, because it’s always nice to know what kind of personalities the characters have.

    p78 ”Gods die. And when they truly die they are unmourned and unremembered.”

    I don’t have much to much to say about it, but it caught my attention. When the voice says gods die but they aren’t mourned, the only thing that came to mind was: because the people who believe in these gods, some might be denying it, but some will continue to be happy about the god/gods, because its who they believe in and i mean they might think the god/gods do still exist, just not on earth among them, and that’s why they wont mourn them, but they are always remembered somehow.


  4. ”If Hell is other people, though Shadow, then Purgatory is airports”

    This quote got a stuck in my head for a time. And I can in some way relate to this quote. Because the ”other people” is the people at the airport making it feel like hell, and the airport is the ”waiting station” for getting to paradise is the airport. Shadow uses the airport to escape from hell and go to the paradise.

    ”Robbie had been driving. He must have been drunk, although the newspaper account said nothing about this.”

    This statement from Shadow gives me the hate/jealousy feeling between Shadow and Robbie. This illustrates how the relationship between Shadow and Robbie were. Shadow is also blaming Robbie for the cause off the accident and protects Laura by saying it isn’t her fault.

    ”The way I saw it, she wound u playing you for the privilege of having you in her gas station. You think she’s figured it out yet?”

    From this quote, I get a impression from Wednesday that he is the rich, wealthy & narcissistic guy, and uses it to his advantage and using this as perks in his life. Like a hustler type of person, which he mentioned he is.


  5. p29 ”The man opened his eyes. There was something strange about his eyes, Shadow thought. One of them was a darker gray than the other.”

    From this quote, we got a second introduction to Wednesday from Shadows point of view. It was probably at this time Shadow started to gain an interest of Wednesday an interest in the mystery regarding him.

    p22 ”Shadow couldn’t bring himself to leave a message. He sat in a plastic chair by the gate, and held his bag so tight he hurts his hand”

    I think it was now that The death of his wife became reality. Before this point, nothing was real to him, he just got out of prison to go to the funeral. Everything must have happened very quickly and this was one of his first times he could sit and think. This quote makes Shadow more human to the reader.

    p91 ”One midwinter’s day, when the sun was as distant and cold as a dull silver coin, they saw that the remains of the scraeling’s body had been removed from the ash tree. That afternoon it began to snow, in huge, slow flakes”

    To me, this was a very nice description that you could really imagine in your head. I particularly liked the ”huge, slow flakes”. I think it completely caught the essence of the first snow during winter. I also think that the winter and the body that got removed marked the misfortunes that would come for the Vikings.


  6. p.66 Do you want me to tell you that you were right when you spit in lauras face? Do you want me to say it didn’t hurt? Or what you told me made me hate her more then i miss her?

    This quote was interesting for me because you get to find out that shadow still did not have hatred towards his wife, laura. He still as he say in the quote, do miss her more then he hate her, which makes it seem like he still would love her after what Laura and Robbie did? He also seem to not want to hate on Laura for what she’s done, shadow seems more to hate Audrey for reacting so stupidly in the situation and protects Laura after what happened.



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