Text seminar 2

4-6 quotes and their respective comments. Spread them across the first half of the book.

Those who brought quotes last time bring quotes and comments found on pages 50-150. 1-2 quotes.

Everyone should aim for reading at least chapter 9.

For Monday 2nd of October.

En tanke på “Text seminar 2”

  1. For while he just kept watching to the tower and suddenly the sentry falt down from tower. Rubashov get panic because nobody was their to help sentry. Rubashov was so terrified that he did not had any idea what to do. he ruined to the dining room in order to get his cell-phone. he dialed 111 after a few second one man picked up the phone and said.
    ”Hello this David speaking from the police station. What can I help you sir?”
    Ha-ha-hello this is Rubashov speaking from near the tower. Sir the sentry got falt down from the tower.
    David: Aha okay, But excuse Sir can I ask you from where are you speaking from right now and how the sentry falt down?
    I don’t no how but he just falt down. I was stant with the window and lookid out then i saw that the sentry man falt down from the tower.



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