En tanke på “Darkness At Noon”

  1. This Article is about the book darkness at noon. How we can define the position where the main characters is by how the author describes things. The article brought up that Bolshevik, Rubashov, ”is a synthesis of the lives of a number of men who were victims of the so-called Moscow Trials”. Bolshevik who got arrested and eventually confesses and is then killed.

    How Rubashov had miserably life and there was another guy who had same story like Rubashov. The article talked about the author Arthur Koestler; how he wrote the novel in Germany while living in paris from where he escaped before the nazi troops arrived. He fled to Portugal and when he heard that the ship traveling to Britain containing his manuscript had been sunk. He attempted suicide

    Interesting life story and what kind of things the author had been gone through. How the author wrote the novel is from experience, things he went through and nothing else.



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