Reading American Gods


Now we are going to read American Gods by the same author. From wikipedia we learn that this novel belongs to the genre modern fantasy. But it could also be seen as belonging to the genre Americana, or possibly be seen as a bildnungsroman, pulp noiror a novel of ideas?

Regardless, the concept of genre is an important one to literature, as well as music and film. Some books, music, and films are a mix and find themselves in the intersection between one, or several genres.

A literary genre is defined by criterias like:

  • Topic
  • Theme
  • Places or artifacts
  • Characters
  • Motifs (recurring things like being imprisoned, or opposites)


Write a book report which includes some kind of genre analysis. The book report should consist of the following.

  1. At least two quotes relating the book to American culture. When reading American Gods try to collect quotes that relate to America. This could bescenes that give us images of American life and culture, things that contribute to making the book a member of the Americana genre. Explain how you thought when choosing it.
  2. At least two quotes relating the book to a genre. Try to find two (or more) quotes that relates to either fantasy, philosophy, personal development, or a genre of your choice. Justify your choice.
  3. A comparison. Compare the book to another book, film, comic book or computer game, or similar.
  4. Optional/advanced: Define and describe topic, theme(s), and motif(s).


For the first Text seminar you are expected to bring two quotes and their justification, the reason why you chose them.


Read a 100 pages. Pick two quotes and their respective comment for 4th of October.


8th of November





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