En tanke på “Assessment rubric”

  1. 1. The prince had a statue which was gilded all over with leaves of thin gold, for eyes he had two bright sapphires, and a large red ruby on his sword-hilt.
    2. He was admired by the people beacuse of that when he was alive he wanted the best for his peoples.
    3. He stayed because he was in love with the most beautiful reed.
    4. They said that ”It was a ridiculous attachment” and that ”She has no money and far too many relationships”
    5. She didn’t follow him because she was attached to her home, the swallow then went off and cried
    6. There was a large drop of water that fell on him though there was no clouds in the sky.
    7. The statue told the shallow about himself when he was a human. Also he told him why people call him the happy prince.
    8.He cried because they set him so high so now all he can see the ugliness of his city.
    9.He asked if the swallow could make a poor lady day and bring her the ruby out of his sword-hilt.
    10. The swallow pulled out one of the rare sapphire from his eye, which the prince had and gave it to a good man.
    11. He pulled out the final eye from the prince had and gave it to the poor girl.
    12. Because the prince is now blind the swallow decided to stay with him so the swallow could be the prince eyes now that he could not see anymore .
    13. The price told the swallow to look over the great city and later prince asked the swallow to take every gold leaf the prince had on his body and give it to the poor people.
    14.The bird died at the prince shoulder and later he fell to the ground. Beacuse it was getting colder and colder.
    15.They took down the statue because it was no longer beautiful. They melted the statue in a furnace. The prince had a lead heart and they threw it away because it could not be melted so they threw the dead swallow as well away.
    16.The story ends by gods tells one of his angels to bring two of the most precious things in the city and the angel brought the lead heart and the bird. Because in Gods his garden the paradise the bird shall sing ones again.
    17. If you do a good deed and help others in need by giving them everything you got you shall be rewarded by god, and just because people tell you you’re not useful it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.



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