Who do you consider to be the biggest sellout?

Last time we talked about ”the fake” in massmedia and culture (e.g. fake body ideals, fake news, fake description of your life in social media). On that note I thought we could talk about down right treason.

Julien Benda wrote a book called The Treason of the Intellectuals, about the sellout that highly educated people tend to do: they join the ranks of those with power and money, rather than work for the poor or the disenfranchised.

Chomsky talks about this in relation to two leftist intellectuals who ”turned sides” in the end of the eighties (when the Eastern bloc and Soviet Union fell apart).

These things are sometimes discussed on the internet, like here:


Who do you consider to be the biggest sellout? Why?

4 reaktioner till “Who do you consider to be the biggest sellout?”

  1. The Counter Strike team ”iBuyPower” deliberately lost a match to win money. You can bet real money on CSGO matches and this is what the team did. They betted a lot of money on the other team and then lost the match to make money. The team members got banned from future tournaments when this came to light.


  2. We believe that the biggest sellout is Justin Bieber because how popularity changed his behavior. He stated as a young musician who captured the heart of the American people by proving that a good voice trumps all. After his fame he became a douchebag who came late to his concerts, got arrested by the police and he urinated in a restaurant.


  3. Kevin Durant is a basketball player. He was one of the most loved players in the NBA, But that changed after falling short of a finales appearance against the golden state warriors(GST)in the semi finals in a thrilling seven game series they almost won. In the following preseason he desisted to not just leave the team that drafted him and made him one of the best players in the league, but also go to the team that they almost beat. His whole career he was the nice guy in the NBA, but that all changed when he leaved Oklahoma for golden state, He didn’t say a word to his long time teammate and friend Russel Westbrook. He got a text that he was joining the biggest rival. Thats why he Is the biggest sellout.


  4. The person I consider who is the biggest sellout guy could be for instance Kanye West because he sold his own rap career to become part of the Kardashian family.



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