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An international development agency has been looking into attitudes to aging around the world. The research director has asked you to conduct a survey and write a report. Your report should discuss how young people where you live feel about older people in the community and the prospect of growing older themselves. You have also been asked to make recommendations about how attitudes could be changed.

Write your report in 300-400 words in an appropriate style.


An international development agency has been looking into building new restaurants in your area. The research director has asked you to conduct a survey and write a report. Your report should discuss the range of restaurants in terms of menu, cuisine,  interior style and what kind of customers they attract. Based on this analysis suggest new kinds of restaurants and suggest menu, cuisine or theme for the new restaurant(s).

Write your report in 300-400 words in an appropriate style.

Useful language for a report

Stating the purpose of the report

    • The principal aim/objective/purpose of this report is to provide a description of… / to provide/to present results of /to assess the importance of …
  • In this report I will provide a description of … / I will provide/present results of …/ I will assess the importance of…
  • This report describes/provides an assessment of… / describes/provides/presents results of…

Describing how you got the information

    • I conducted a survey of / I conducted interviews with local council officers …
  • … responded to an online questionnaire.
  • I visited three of the most popular …
  • … were invited to attend a focus group…

Reporting your results

    • Most of those responding to the survey stated that/expressed the opinion that …
  • According to …
  • A large/considerable/significant/ proportion of respondents/informants/those surveyed said that …
  • Nearly three quarters of the …

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  1. Growing older
    Older people around the community are usually treated with respect. Most of the time people keep to themselves and their friends from the same age group. There is barely any kind of interaction between older and younger generations. It is not like there is a problem between the age groups; it is just “easier” to befriend people who are more or less the same as oneself. Younger and older generations usually have different interests and hobbies so it is difficult to try to interact with people from a different age group. If there is some interaction between younger and older generations it is usually formal and polite. How the young generations feel about the older, as a first reaction is their older and more experienced and should be treated with respect. But that is not always the case, usually the younger generations think of them as fools because they are not up to date with technology and get frustrated when the older generation doesn’t understand, for an example. And on the thought of the younger generations growing old, the popular act is to hinder the aging proses with makeup and plastic surgery, trying to look as young for as long as possible. Others might not think of the aging proses that much and just accept it as a part of life’s course. What the community could do is set up a bunch of programs with interaction between age groups, for example helping each other in different areas where they themselves excel at and teach each other.


  2. A Report about Aging

    The principal aim of this report is to provide some information about the view of aging from youngster’s perspective.
    In this report, I will present information about what children and young adults think about aging. I asked some people about what they thought about aging, and the answers and reactions was different from each other.

    I have asked a couple of young people in my neighbourhood about how they feel about aging:
    Catrina, a 17-year-old student, doesn’t really care about aging. She thinks it something too much people are hyping over, and that it only becomes something bad, even if it´s something natural.
    “I just think, that for example Nicki Minaj or Madonna, are some extreme cases of peope who are ´anti – aging´, and even if Madonna is like 60 years old, and Nicki is 35, they are just the same. They don’t want people to think that they look old, that they have wrinkles and other normal stuff. That’s just disgusting”.
    Patric, 11 years old, has another way of thinking about aging.
    “My mom and they, they are old. They do grow – up things every day, and I don’t think that that is fun… they don’t have time to play with me and my toys anymore! So I never want to grow up… never!”

    So, everyone has different ways of looking at aging, and kids and young adults are no exception. Maybe we should listen to them, instead of the “pros” who says that they are the best? Maybe the world of “never ending youth” could be a better world, where there is nothing unnatural?


  3. New Restaurant Business Plan
    The aim of this report is to analyse the best spots for a restaurant business and all the requirements needed.
    The survey was carried out through visits to the site and neighbourhood.
    Being that the area is an office like area, most of a work environment, it would be of great use if the main aim is on the workers. The Restaurant has to be located right in the trading center, in that way, it will be easy for everyone to get to it. It will also be good if the companies can subsidize half of the cost.
    The area is a multi-cultural environment with lots of educative, wealthy and healthy people, so i would fully recommend multi- cultural cuisines with a monthly update of the menu (balance of unique dishes and go into details about the food you are serving).
    The neighbourhood is stated as the best of all, in that case, prices should be at their best and all foods should be organic. A few people are however lacktos and gluten intolerant, such foods should be highly forethought of. As mentioned above that the area is one of the best neighbourhoods, cleanliness is key for a great start, as they say cleanliness is next to godliness”, every corner of the resturant has to be tidy.
    However much these people are educated and affluent, they are still old fashioned. All their buildings bare the same colour, structure and plan in building. It wouldn’t be a good idea to set up a different kind of building in the area. Stick to the similar brand.


  4. The attitudes about older people
    In this modern society with a lot of new technology it’s very difficult to find time for the family and friends. It has changed the attitudes between people. To be clear the humanity relations and love between people has not too much existence.
    The purpose of this report is to provide and describe how young people feel about older people. A lot of teen ages are too busy with their own studies and hobbies which make them to do not think about older people. But there is also a lot of young people who carry and take care of their grandmother or grandfather. I think it’s very individual and it depends on how the family relations has been. If we look at the attitude generally, it´s more positive. I´ve seen often how young people try to help the older people and the way they talk about them. Like I earlier said there is people who don’t have time to care about older people and they just ignore the older people. I would recommend the leader of the town to engage some events that gathers young and old people and let them have fun together and talk about how the older people feels. In my opinion I think it would develop the relation between young people and older people. It maybe makes the young people to think about how they going to have when they get older.


  5. Views on aging and the elderly in Stockholm

    The main purpose of this report is to provide results from a survey on the opinions of aging in the city of Stockholm, Sweden. To attain the results I conducted an online survey where the younger generations shared their opinions on aging and their general views on the elderly in the area. In the final section of the report I will include recommendations on how attitudes could be changed

    The large majority of the people that participated in the survey strongly agreed with one of two views on the topic. The people who had a negative opinion of the elderly in the community also were not to keen on growing older themselves. However the ones that were indifferent or positive towards the elderly also shared a more positive outlook on the elderly life.

    According to the survey that was made the people who had a negative attitude towards the elderly stated that they had little to no interaction with elderly people outside of their own family. Around 55 percent stated that the elderly in the community appear to dislike the younger generations.

    42 percent of the people participating in the survey stated that they rarely thought about life after age 65. 34 percent strongly disliked the thought of growing older and a minority of 24 percent either enjoyed the thought of an elderly life or were indifferent on the subject.

    The gap between generations could be minimized by setting up events were older and younger generations have the opportunity to meet. Increased contact could lead towards more positive attitudes between both groups.


  6. Growing Older – A Scientific Report

    The principal aim of this report is to assess the importance, and impact, of aging citizens within our modern community. There is a point when all must learn that living things grow old and eventually pass away. What do young people in Märsta feel about older people in the community, as well as of the prospect of growing older themselves?
    In this report I will present results of a quantitative survey conducted among 125 people between the ages 13 to 18 years old, and under the final heading I will present recommendations as to how attitude improvement could be obtained.

    My survey reveals that that a vast majority refrains from socializing with people of or over the recommended age for retirement. The reasons given are primarily the following:

    – Presence of a social gap/they have few things in common

    – Differencing personal values create conflict

    – Teenagers often prioritize their immediate surroundings and interests first

    When asked a large amount replied that they did indeed enjoy time spent with elders, they simply do not take the time to seek them out voluntarily on their own.
    Regarding aging themselves few individuals were free of fears. Concerns regarding housing, pension and health were common.

    To increase socialization between the two age groups the following efforts could be made:

    – Making work at residential homes more attractive to youths

    – Organizing weekend activities and get-togethers for the interested


  7. The attitude towards older people in Sigtuna

    This is a report regarding the thoughts and attitudes of aging by the young people in Sigtuna, Sweden. The purpose of this report is to bring up how young people in this community feel about the older people in the community and their thoughts about growing older themselves. The aim of this report is also to present recommendations to how the attitude towards older people can be changed.

    In order to answer the questions that this report represents I conducted a survey of the young people of Sigtuna’s thoughts about older people in their community. I conducted interviews with people around the community that were 15-19 years old. The interviews questions were as follows:
    “How do you feel about the old people in your community?”
    “Do you personally view them as beneficial in any way to the community?”
    “If you do not see them as beneficial then why is that?”
    “How do you feel about growing older yourself?”
    “How do you think the young people’s opinions could change on this matter?”
    “Do you have anything else that you want to add?”
    In total I got 40 interviews from this survey

    Results and discussion
    The results presented by the interviews are extremely divided. Around 24 interviews state that they have no problem with the elders of the community and see them as beneficial. And around 16 of the interviews state that the community would be better off without the older people around. It is shocking that around 40% of the people that were interviewed thought that the older people in the community was a bad thing. This is probably due to the fact that Sigtuna has above average elderly residents in the area and the attitude towards elderly people in this community is most likely an effect of what type of elderly people they have met around the community. The clear majority of the ones I interviewed didn’t really have a clear opinion about themselves getting older. Their own opinion on how their opinions could change is to move out the elderly that are not liked by the younger people. This is a direct conclusion that you could draw but not one that would work in reality I suggest that more research and resources would be spent on separating the younger people from the older people.



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