What is fake? What is real?

We have spoken of androids and the creation of a creature like ourselves.

How would we tell the fake from the real is the question put to us in the Bladerunner scenes we saw. How on earth would we be able to identify the copy? And in what sense would it actually be ”fake”, if so closely resembling us that we need a scientific test to identify it?

French philosopher Jean Baudrillard writes about the fake in our time in one of his books using terms like simulacrum, simulation, and hyperreality. The term ”fake” has come back again recently in the shape of ”fake news”. What is the difference between fake news and real news? Can we distinguish the two?

We also talked about the nature of ”truth” and ”reality” when we read about Plato’s cave and we talked about the Matrix and virtual reality.

Are we stuck in a world of images, symbols and messages? Can we actually get in touch with the phenomena of the world without looking at them through the lens of the fictional?

In this article you can read about his thoughts.


Give me your five cents on what’s fake and real in your life.




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13 reaktioner till “What is fake? What is real?”

  1. A lot of news and many articles on the internet is fake, or at least heavily biased. The writer of the article writes in a way to promote their own belief and agenda. A way to combat this is to read news from different authors with different views to get a broader sense of the world. You can twist a story to convey any message you want. This is dangerous when most people don’t understand it and ingest any media, regardless of source, and consider it fact.


  2. In our generation simulacrum is a big thing because people always wants to copy other to increase their social status so people will ”like” them more. I will tell 5 real and fake things in our society starting with.
    ”Bomber Jacka”: is something what people like to copy from others why? Because the jacket represent your status as who you are and you know if someone is rich or poor if they brand new clothes or old clothes and people will like you more because you will be like a normal human in this ”generation” and other people who don’t have new clothes are represented as a outcast and doesn’t fit in.
    PS4: In the gaming community the new console PS4 is something all gamers have and why is that? I think it’s the same thing as the ”Bomber Jacka” because if people wants to integrate with other people you have to get new console the reason is because people only likes to talk of what they have and things that are trendy.


  3. A lot of things on the internet are fake/twisted, like news articles and videos, but most of them probably have a bit of truth in them which they are based on. But its hard to just point out the fake and the real since we don’t have access to the original source a lot of the times. The things that feel real right now are just peoples opinions and confirmed facts but thats just if you don’t trust the media.


  4. The concept of stuff being fake is even more real currently in society and life. With the normalization of the issue of ”cheating” due to mainstream media and because the conesequences of such an act have been significantly lowered. With this people lie more and more on a daily basis and with social media always want to present themselves as ”perfect” in the eyes of others. Our social status has become more important than personality and being true to yourself and others. Shallowness is being rewarded and people can actually get laughed at for having knowledge. In my life personally I take most things as fake, some may say I have trust issues because of this. But at the same time I’m really naive and I stand by it, I trust people way to quickly and believe them, I don’t see the reason to lie. In conclusion I trust people and things up until the point when shit hits the fan, at that point everything changes I don’t trust in anything that I have not seen or experienced. This may make some call me a hypocrite and I’m fine with that, I want to believe that people have good intentions and want to make real connections and that what they tell is true, but in the end, when shit hits the fan, my ”trust issues” takes over.


  5. Many articles that you read on the internet isn´t the truth. To be able to see a different between fake news and real news is pretty hard but by reading the same news by different authors is making the news a higher chance of being real. Many people this day dont take the time to check the sources of the news so a lot of fake news is considered the truth. This is pretty bad considering that we read the social media nearly every day.


  6. I would say that the further away something is, the more manipulated it has been before it reaches your eyes. Big news from the US and UK will always have been altered in some way before you get it. The closer something is to you, the more real it is


  7. After when I have read the article, I thought about five example on what’s fake and real in my life and I come up with this notes:


    When people say ”they are sorry”
    The chance to win a lottery

    Dreams about education

    A lot of things on BBC, Aftonbladet and so on are fake, like for instance articles and videos, but most of them are based on facts and statistics so it makes the article and videos truth. But, it’s hard to spot the fake and real points when you don’t know anything about the subject. ”Dreams about education” in other hand is truth because if you struggle for your dreams it will suddenly become true, but sometimes your dreams can’t become true.


  8. While I was reading I got reminded of a thing I saw. It’s a picture of three masks and a couple of lines of text that reads ”The Japanese say you have three faces. The first face, you show to the world. The second face, you show to your close friends, and your family.The third face, you never show anyone. It is the truest reflection of who you are.”

    After reading this article I began to question the last sentence, that it is the truest reflection of who you are. What makes that face more true than the two others. If you think about it you almost always act according to the first and second faces so why would they not be more true than the third face. Since you almost never act according to the third face it should only be a small part of you and not the truest reflection of who you are.


  9. In recent year there has popped up lots of fake news sites. The way the fake sites work is by using similar name on there sites as real new sites, example if they want to copy aftonbladet.se they can name there fake site aftonblabet.se. And the only differens is one letters.


  10. There are things that make us think again about what´s real and what´s fake. In order to do that we need to understand what the difference is. The feeling you get when you are with another person is real because you can touch, hear, smell, look and feel for him or her. Feelings are always real no matter who it is or what it is. If you can feel anger, sadness, happiness and so on that´s real. You can´t describe when or how you feel or react to sudden events, but suddenly something happens. That´s as real as it gets. But you can of course fake your feelings. You can tell yourself that you are happy, and other people can see you as happy even tough you´re not. I would say that it´s easier to fake then to be real. It´s probably because you don´t have to be so personal. You can make other people believe that you are a cool guy, who fights. Tell people stories about how you knocked down 5 guys easily and how you steel cars, even tough you are as soft as it gets and would probably never punch anyone.


  11. I think that in ice hockey some people are fake. I mean on the ice some guys try to be really tough. Off ice they are totally different person. They can be the nicest guy you have ever met but on the ice you can hate them. But that’s also why I think that maybe sometimes it’s good to be fake. I mean it is not good if you are too nice on the ice. In hockey that can be a way to success.


  12. if we really think about it very much in our society is fake. it is all from ”fake news” to fake material. companies say their stuff is made from the finest material but most of the time it’s just crap with a nice label on it.
    almost the same thing with some certain people, some of us put on so much makeup and other products to make them self look amazing but in reality it’s just crap with a nice label on it


  13. Today its usual that news papers and news sources are making things up or taking words and sentences out of context. So you always need to be sceptical of whatever you read online. You need to read and analyze the facts they present, and sometimes you need to think for yourself, could this really be true? People today are lazy so its easy for news labels to write a clickbait title and that could misslead the reader.



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