Brave New World

Warmup discussion

  • What’s the purpose of science?
  • Should science help end suffering?

Today we will continue discussing humanity and science, continuing from the ethics around advanced robots or androids into the cloning debate.



Read the article. Look around the Internet. Make up your mind and take a stand on cloning. Either support cloning and give your reasons, or oppose it and give reasons for that

2 reaktioner till “Brave New World”

  1. Through cloning you can see if the person has, and prevent, deadly diseases that will show up later in life. Banning something just because future humans might be better prepared for life is just stupid. And the argument of cloning creating inequality is also dumb. There would be no difference if two children needed a liver transplant, even if one of them is genetically modified. Doctors don’t differentiate between children today, why would they in the future?


  2. Opposing cloning:

    When we clone we basically kill a potential human being because in cloning, the nucleus of an cell, such as skin or muscle is placed in an egg from which the nucleus has been removed. Okay, we can cure genetic diseases such as diabetes, but we have to be careful of what we do.



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