2 reaktioner till “The Games Controversy”

  1. The most important thing is to do what you like and/or love. You as a person will feel such more joy of having done something you really like. After that it is really hard say. Playing games will improve your multitasking by looking on your screen and your fingers but so will playing music and sports. The main difference between games and music/sports is the satisfaction. Video games rewards the player as soon as possible to get them to continue to play, here music/sports differ. Learning to play a instrument takes a while and most of the time its really hard to get good/decent at playing, but the immense satisfaction of doing something hard that will improve you.

    Both of the types of brain training has their strengths and weaknesses, and rewards the player/person in different ways, so why not doing both? Getting the fast satisfaction and learning something that can help you in the future.


  2. The games controversy:

    I think the games controversy is interesting because the writer brings up researchers that tells us about how the game affects our brain positively and badly. With this article we can learn how the game is improving and non improving our brain. But it depends what game it is, if it’s candy crush, we can improve more our thinking and memory, but if it’s GTA you can become violent.

    In my opinion music is probably the best option here because music is complex and has more relaxing experience than sports or a game. In sports and games we get more stressed while you’re in the game, but in majority it’s more fun than music because it happens fast.



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