Game analysis – general

To be able to understand gaming we must improve our understanding of what a game is and how the gaming experience can be enhanced.

  1. Read the text quickly
  2. Think about analyzing (not reviewing or evaluating) a game. Name the game.
  3. What kind of analysis would like to do?

The case of Age of War

Incentivization of game. How does the game:

  • get the player to keep playing?
  • get the player to pay attention to the experience rather than the system?
  • get the player to feel good?

Answer in a post.



3 reaktioner till “Game analysis – general”

  1. I’m going to analyze the Total war series. In this series you are a military commander/general and you’re controlling your army and your country. I’m going to analyze why the player want to be a military leader who attacks other people with deadly force. The reason the players want to keep playing is because they want to ultimately win and become a great leader. The creators of the Total war series usually use download-able content to keep the players playing and spending money. They usually add new races or countries to play.


  2. Age Of War

    Get the player to keep playing? – For me the game keeps me playing because for some reason the music is so good that it makes you keep playing.

    Get the player to fell good? – the reason why it felt so good playing that game was because it was very unique back in the time and their wasn’t that types of games before so it was a really nice experience to play something you haven’t even touched before.


  3. Analyzing a game:
    The game I have chosen is Crash Bash.

    1. The reason why the player keeps playing is because there are types of minigames that you can choose from. You can as well play with your friend instead playing against the computer. There is also a story in the game, which you can play with your friends

    2. The game is embedded so you can’t buy stuffs in the game.

    3. The multiplayer system makes the game experience more exciting and fun because you can, as I said, play the story rather playing it alone. As you’re playing the story with your friend you must plan your strategies and tactics to win against the bot otherwise you will lose easier.

    4. When you’ve completed the story or a level you get a feeling that you have completed something that was hard to complete at the first time, but you finally succeeded. This kind of feeling happens to all we gamers because we struggle to reach the end and get achievement.



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