5 reaktioner till “Rhetoric of Trump”

  1. Trump is speaking in a very defensive way. Nothing’s his fault, everything’s everybody else’s fault. He has a hard time accepting his wronging’s. Obama is very descriptive when he’s speaking. He tries to make the audience understand his way of thinking.

    Alexander och Wilmer


  2. Trump – doesn’t seem like he want to be there.
    Uses ”alternate” facts.
    Complains about the media.
    Tries to go around the questions.
    Speaks from him as a person and not asa politician.

    Obama – wants to be there.
    Uses facts.
    Don’t discourages question and answer them.
    Joke about the media and praises them for seeing his bad and good side from a critical point.


  3. Trump and his speech comes off as sort of passive aggressive. And it almost seems like he has to rely on making himself look better, whilst making others look worse, for example the press and previous leaders’ decisions.

    Meanwhile, Obama is being extremely humble and talking calmly about things to improve and look to.


  4. The form and content of Trump’s press conference is that Trump had a long introduction of his conference and after his introduction he went with the questions. Trump is talking in a defensive way too. He says that is everything is everyone else’s wrong. Nothing is his fault.

    Barack Obama’s press conference began with a joke so the audience will listen to him. Obama also tries to make the audience understand him.


  5. Trump speaks like he know alot but when you look at the facts that he usually bring, very often those facts wont make sense. He dosnt look into things like Obama does, this is a reason why Obama has longer answers to the questions asked to him. Trump explains very breifly because he dosnt really know the answer for it, while Obama explains its not that easy to give you an direct answer.



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