Gender roles

Gender stereotypes and roles can have an influence on us.

Today you are invited to think critically about what negative effects ideas about gender and sex can have on the individuals and society. Write about your reactions or thoughts after having looked at the clip or read the wiki and .gov-link, or everything.

En tanke på “Gender roles”

  1. My thoughts:
    Sex are the biological traits that societies use to assign people into the category of male or female. When people talk about the differences between men or female they are often focusing on sex. The ideas of biology. Rather than gender.

    The sociology of gender examines how society influence our understandings and perception of differences masculinity and femininity. I think we pay special focus on the relationships that follow the gender order in society.

    They are social identities. They arise from our relationships to other people and depend on social influence and social recognizance. They influence how we understand ourself in relations to other.

    //This is what I’ve got for today. I can write more next lesson//



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