Grammar summed up in one document: Quick and dirty tips



Subject-verb agreement



Using tenses in English


Indefinite pronouns


Final exercise

Explain in your own words the grammar you and your friend chose to work with. Post the explanation as a comment.


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  1. We worked with subject-verds agreement, to learn how to choose when to put a singular or a plural verb in a sentence.

    when its a singular verb it most likely to be a verb that ends on an s and an plural verb ends most of the time without an s


  2. We worked with subject verb agreement to learn how we use singular and plural verbs. When it´s a plural verb so we use the verb without ”s” but when it´s a singular verb so we use the verb with ”s”.


  3. Using tenses in English:
    While writing in English it is very important not to mix past and present tense.
    For example – “Even when he was young, Dali was fascinated by and disturbed about how ants ate animal carcasses.”
    This sentence is incorrect due to the past tense of the word ”ate”. Dali was fascinated by the eating habits of ants. Dali being aware of this has not changed the fact that ants eat animal carcasses.

    Subject–verb agreement:
    If the subject is written as singular the verb should be singular as well.
    The subject should agree with the verb.
    For example – ”One of my best friends is an extra on Seinfeld this week.”



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