We are the 99%

We are the 99% is a political slogan widely used and coined by the Occupy movement. It was the name of a Tumblr blog page launched in late August 2011 and is a variation on the phrase ”We The 99%” from an August 2011 flyer for the NYC General Assembly. A related statistic, the 1%, refers to the top 1% wealthiest people in society that have a disproportionate share of capital, political influence, and the means of production.

Net worth as a global percentage


Make a SWOT-analysis of European model of distribution of money versus the US

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  1. From a standpoint of USAs current system.

    Strenghts: You have a heavy top who can keep up consumption even under times of bad economy. You can always be sure that if there is a need of something that the state can´t build, someone will build it, like toll roads in Spain.You have rich people who can afford to hire and invest in lower-class people. Therefore technology is more likely to move forward making it a better society for everyone, for example medical inventions. If you have a heavy top society. You know that if the bottom falls you know that the money at the top falls with it, making it easier to rebuild the foundation.

    Weaknesses: The people with close to no money will live in despair and will in a worse case scenario, not be able afford healthcare. You can have a really though time rebuilding after an economic crisis out in the bush, like in Norrland or even farther up where not so many rich people live. Your foundation is weak which makes it more prone to collapse due to economic or a natural disaster.

    Opportunities: People can be employed at big companies making a good career.

    Threats: People with money find a way with automatization to keep others away, signaling down the wealth even more.




  2. Strengths
    It creates a reward for the people who work very hard.
    It creates a reason to invent new technologies.

    The poorer gets even poorer with no chance to get rich themselves.
    It’s not morally right and unfair.
    The society as a whole is weaker.


  3. Strengths – A powerful government who will always get their will through. The top tier will be more equal in terms of women and men, and no one with a high status will be oppressed. If a big number of people with a big influence the government will still be somewhat democratic and not a dictatorship.
    Weakness – With no motivation to help anybody but themselves the status quo for the working class will still be there, the rich will be richer and the poor will be poorer. Free speech will disappear in a sense because the government don’t need to listen to what the working class have to say. The middle class will slowly disappear. As said the richer will be richer and the poor will be poorer.
    Opportunities – The biggest opportunity is for someone to get more powerful and have more money because how the system emphasises money and influence.
    Threats – The biggest threat is a revolt from the poor against the system who isn’t favoured at all like the french revolution.


    Strength: The country can get more industry, which will increase the export and import. The country also have rich people who can afford to hire more employes, which will reduce the unemployment.

    Weakness: The richer people gets more money than the poor people. It depends on how the poor people react. If they live average, they don’t care. But, if they live bad, they will strike.

    Opportunities: People can be employed at big companies and making a good career. Which will make America bigger and more popular.

    Threats: People with money can bribe to keep others away.

    Strength: Eu has increased trade, which will lead to more employment. More employment could could be generated as the market for the countries’ good widen thought the trade. Eu has free moments of goods, service, money and people. Last but not least, Europa allows for equal competition.

    Weakness: It costs of entry for non- Eu members and that’s bad because it’s not fair. The Euro is also a weakness because if a country feels that it’s not in their interests to remain in the single currency there is no way to leave.

    Opportunities: Eu can gain new members which will make Eu bigger and more famous with its trade and economy. Eu will also gain free-trade partnerships when others join.

    Nations can leave if they don’t want to stay in Eu anymore, which will lead a consequence like for instance less trade. Eu could increase competition.

    By Johan and Azlan



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