Creative writing II

Warm up

Close your eyes. Capture the first image that comes to mind. Describe in one sentence. Then describe it in five. Do you now want to change your first sentence? Then revise the first.

Read the long one to the group first and then the second one. Read with emphasis.


Choose one of the following

  1. Two people boast and brag, the one worse then the other, make it escalate.
  2. Two overly honest people talk to one another. Make the exchange first frank and then increasingly insulting.
  3. One person is trying to charm and seduce the other while the other person is trying to talk about the weather.

Set the scene. Tell us where we are and who we meet. Then write the dialogue and be prepared to perform it. Try to write the text for comical effect, if you like.

9 reaktioner till “Creative writing II”

  1. Therese and Viktor:

    Browns, reds, and maroons, the warm colors are as inviting as the hearty laughter coming from the patrons. The usual customers are there, consuming the usual amount of spirits I might add, and the air in the tavern is a joyful one.
    That is until a very special someone steps through the door.
    At first very few people take notice, but when the first gusts of icy wind make their way across the room most people fall silent.
    The following plays out like it’s taken from an old movie. The first careful whispers reach the king of the joint, whose laughter then cuts out abruptly. He sets down his pint loudly on the table, and rises to meet the eyes of the newcomer.

    1: My daddy once helped a lady of a street.
    2: My daddy once saved a cat from a tree.
    1: My daddy saved a person from a burning house.
    2: My daddy saved 5 people from a loose tiger.
    1: My daddy played in a rock band.
    2: My daddy has been a host of a famous comedy show.
    1: My daddy invented the phone.
    2: My daddy invented the internet.
    1: My daddy owns a Ferrari.
    2: My daddy owns a Bugatti.
    1: My daddy is a politician that works in the white house.
    2: My daddy is a scientist that works for NASA.
    1: My daddy ….. uhm, what were we talking about?
    2: How should I know, you drunk!?


  2. I feel tired.
    I feel so tired and I just want to sleep. It´s because that I didn’t sleep good last night. I was awake until 3 pm. I had a boring day in school this morning. The first thing I want to do when I’m at home is sleeping.
    We are on the beach in LA.
    Ali > Martin: you know I work out at the gym every day that´s why I have this nice body!
    Martin > Anton: I played for the Swedish national team.
    Anton >Ali: Ali did you know that I am the best floorball player in the Scandinavia.
    Ali > Anton: My friended I’m the strongest man in Europe just you know.
    Martin > Ali: But I have won the Nobel prize for being the smartest person in the whole wide world.
    Anton > Martin: Well, if you smart as you sat you are, you should know that I was the first person the set a foot on the moon, right?


  3. On a beach in L.A. I am myself

    Ali-Martin: I work out at the gym every day
    Martin –Anton: I played for the Swedish national team.
    Anton-Ali: Ali did you know that I am the best floorball player in the Scandinavia.
    Ali-Anton: my friend I am the strongest man in whole of Europe.
    Martin-Ali: but I have won the Nobel Prize for being the smartest person in the whole wide world.
    Anton-Martin: well, if you’re as smart as you sat you are, you should know that I was the first person the set a foot on the moon, right?
    Martin: well lets go for on other beer, shall we?
    ALI/ANTON. Yea


  4. The sun is shining. It’s burning in my eyes. It is really cold even tough the sky is clear. It is actually freezing. The sun won’t reach me. I look around and see snow and that explains everything.

    1. I just got home from a luxurious face treatment. It is the most exclusive clinic in whole Hollywood.

    2. That is cute but after that I actually did breast implantation at this well known expensive clinic.

    3. Well my man actually just signed an ownership agreement at this clinic where all the Kardashians go. But because it is in another state I need to decide which private jet I would like to have so that I can fly there whenever I feel like to upgrade.

    4. When I think about it I might just move this clinic to my house, it’s enormous so it will fit perfectly.

    5. Speaking of lambos I wonder when they are shipping over mine. I need to get rid of my old one, I am thinking of giving it away to something in need, maybe you perhaps would like it? I mean it kind of looks like you need one since you walked here.

    6. You know what?! I am done with this discussion.

    (Winnie has part 1)


  5. A relaxing hockey-night with some friends.
    Gather up some friends, maybe eight or ten and discuss a time when everyone can attend the activity. It isn’t something very serious; we should just have some fun flipping the puck. We’ll make small teams and maybe reduce the size of the hockey rink. Afterwards, when we’re done we’ll have a nice chat, in the sauna with an ice-cold drink.


  6. The light in the room felt like the sun
    The sun was like a warm summer day. I was at my summer house in our boat. Me and my brother were just lying there in the open water. Afterwards we went to the store and bought ice cream. In the middle of our summer break.


  7. Vivid blue like the sky.
    The vastness of the space was as beautiful as mother nature
    The floor was covered with clouds like sand
    The fresh breeze permeated and soothed
    The stars seemed to glisten
    It was so white as the freshly fallen snow.

    Two ladies meet at the most luxurious spur for a treat.
    The conversations get out of hand.

    you mean it was the most exclusive, coz i just got my face job done and i look a million dollars minus taxes.

    am planning of doing my bum plantations next month and am thinking of flying in for the appointment.

    oh sweety isn’t that sweet, i can lend u my jet if u feel like.

    well thats good i just bought a mansion upp hills in Hollywood and it has a parking lot thats fits your clinic and a couple of Lamborghini

    oh no, you have no airstrips in you area and i landed at the next airstrip a couple of miles, shaming enough i was forced to board a limo taxi

    i couldn’t agree more
    (Lina has the other part)


  8. A fat pizza and a cold pale ale on a cold night.

    A hot dripping pizza with extra cheese and barbecue sauce on the kitchen table. A cold Nils Oskars pale ale lager on the side. The satisfying sensation of the first bite when your tummy gets all warm and fuzzy. A cold and dark december night in my warm kitchen. Dripping of barbecue sauce.

    Of course i could do that. If you could be so kind and close that sewer you call a mouth.

    Said the beauty queen. Mirror mirror on the wall who is the ugliest of them all?

    Speaking of ugly. Did you pay big money for those shoes?

    No wondering. I landed on a train wreck like you and fucking up your face even more.

    At least I have a dad…


  9. There on the table was a cup filled to the brim with the warm dark liquid that I so deeply desired.

    A single white cup placed on the black oak table. Filled to the brim with a dark liquid, heat radiating from it. Next to the cup there was something spilled. A small pool of the warm dark liquid, dripping on to the floor. The wastefulness of that beautiful desired liquid made me sad to the core.

    Two young people, never before met ends up sittning next to each other on the night bus. The young lady is clearly annoyed by the man who for some reason chose to sit next to her.

    Please turn down that noise you call music.


    I’d rather not since there is a big chance that I would suffocate from my own sick, since you are so gross to look at.


    Your mom.


    You are one to talk. Please tell me, did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because your face is all Fucked up.


    Here is a riddle for you. What do you and Lucifer have in common? Daddy issues.




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