Continued essay and reading comprehension

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Those of you who missed the essay can take the essay 14th of December. Make sure you have read the article in advance. Let me know if you wan to write the essay by mailing me at: [email protected]

En tanke på “Continued essay and reading comprehension”

  1. 1 … A saucer had landed on the person next to you’s head and when it did, it blew her head up and all that was left was pink mist. The people started panicking, running towards safety but there was none. Person after person exploded, but you wre still there on your feet ready to fight of the evil, because little did they know; you were immortal. While the saucers one by one left little dents in your meat-suit, the extent of the damage was not enough to slow you down. You ran through the streets dodging every obstacle that blocked your path, you dodged, dipped, dove, ducked and then dodged again until the sky was clear of the golden saucers. you looked down on your body and realized that there were more blood on you than inside of you, it didnt bother you though, you just licked your lips and swaggered down the blood covered streets. There was no longer anything that stood in your way to become the most powerful person to walk the earth, because there were no longer anyone but you on the face of earth.

    2 … You made me a promise that you couldn´t keep but now I’m going to keep mine. You promised you would never leave me but you did and I remember us sitting here on the roof of the old Hotel, talking about everything and nothing all at once. You always threatened to push me off because I got under your skin, but I always answered with ”I’d drag you down with me and it’s a long way down”. Now you’ve left me all alone and you promised me that you would have my back, but you let that be the death of you. I told you to not fight my fights for me anymore but you didn’t listen, and now all I want to do is join you and live wherever it is that you are. but I made a promise too, I peomised you that I would not give up and I’m here to tell you that I won’t. I won’t give up, I will fight because I don’t know how to die quietly and I will carry your memory with me ‘til the day I leave this earth to join you again.
    I turned around and stepped of the roof and made my way towards the door, the door that would lead me to live the rest of my life without him but also the door that will lead me to live the rest of my life as a stronger person than I have ever been before.

    3 You may write me down in history
    With you bitter, twisted lies
    You may tread me in the very dirt
    But still, like dust, I’ll rise
    You may wash me away like the foam in you hair
    But still, like air, I’ll be there
    You may throw me away like a worn out cloth
    But still to your flame, I’ll be the moth
    You may forget about me at night
    But still like light, I’ll lead the way



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