The Sonetts and shakespearian love


Shakespeare’s love life has fascinated literary historians. He seems to have had stormy relationships. Some speculate in homosexuality or a love triangle.. The mysterious ”dark lady” Who seems to drive him insane.

Read sonnett 147

Read about attachment theory

Discuss the following questions

Which kinds of relationships are ”stormy”?


Can you see any relationship between attachment theory and the poem?

Post as a comment.


Balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet



Compare the scenes. How are the similar and different? Which did you prefer, why?

Read the balcony scene.

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  1. Which kinds of relationships are ”stormy”?

    We think that the relationships that are typical stormy can be the ones who are trying push you away or the ones that change attitude back and forth. It seems that attitude typical have a argue with with their partner about miss understandings because they are not close with their feelings. Couples often break up after a lot of fights.

    Can you see any relationship between attachment theory and the poem?
    The guy in the poem tries to push her away but still keep her close enough to still be in a relationship.


  2. Mahdi, Elias

    Opinionated people that like to discuss and debate. Can get stormy if they have different beliefs. It also depends on if they can respect each others differences and different opinions and let it be. If not hectic debates await. Aggressive people or short-tempered people could also have it stormy because they go off the hook so easily. Even over what could seem to be small matters. Also any type of psychological diseases for example major anxiety and depression could cause debates, or if the other person can’t relate or try to understand it could get ”stormy”.

    The physician could be his dad or mom which would then lead to this abusive realtionship he describes. Maybe it is just that relationship he describes. The physician didn’t approve and now he feels because he loved physician and if he couldn’t love then why should he love himself. He explains how this has caused a form anxiety for him. Because he accepts and now also believes in what his physician to his love did to him, he left him and believed stuff about him. Which he know also believes. This put him ”past cure and past reason”. His mind is hectic.


  3. If a relationship is stormy, the relationship isn’t simply a good one. There
    s usually a lot of arguing and fighting. The two parts of the relationship have a hard time agreeing with each other. But the relationship can also be good. Sometimes there’s a lot of fighting, but sometimes there’s peace. The relationship is very wild and unpredictable, hence stormy.

    If Shakespeare had a bad relationship with his mother the attachment theory can be relevant. His current relationship can be bad and stormy because, according to the theory, his bad relationship with his mother. The theory says that if the person didn’t get a attached and meaningful relationship with his mother, they would have a hard time with future relationship. The relationship with his mother will be the foundation to the relationships he will have as a adult.

    The second video is more romantic and intimate. They express their love physically. However, in the first video the woman is on a balcony above Romeo and mostly talk in a romantic way. They can’t reach each other so they have no other choice but to talk.

    Wilmer och Simon


  4. Which kinds of relationships are ”stormy”?
    People who split up and then return to each other and usually brings up old stuff.
    People who think too much differently of how to spend time with each other and have too big of opinions of all of the stuff

    Can you see any relationship between attachment theory and the poem?
    yes, infants with a bad relationship with their mother are more likely to be worried about future relationships, and you can compare that with the poem because in the poem he loves this girl even though she is bad for him. If they broke up he would be what we call worried and nervous, and he probably wouldn’t know what to do with his life after an eventual break up.


  5. 1. Anxious-ambivalent attachment is an example of a stormy relationship.

    2. That’s because when the mother departs from her child, he/she will become highly distressed and when the mother returns, the child is generally insecure. That results in a relationship with a lot of arguments and shouting.

    3. The similarities between the poem and the theory is that the main character in the poem tries to stay away from his girlfriend, but at the same time he still wants to keep her beside him and have a relationship. That connects to the Anxious-ambivalent attachment.


  6. Viktor & Gabriel

    Ambivalent relationships are one kind of relationship that is seen as a ”Stormy” relationship. It’s considered a stormy relationship because the it’s a very inconsistent kind of relationship, where it’s either a passionate relationship or a distant one. And at the same time it is neither.
    Stormy relationships are also relationships where the involved parties often argue and disagree with each other. Often because of their differences.


  7. Relationships that are stormy are when the ones who are in the relationship does not have true feelings to one another, the partner might not even love the other. True love is when the both partners have feelings for each other that does not decay over time but grows even stronger by the time together. An example of a stormy relationship is when one partner has grown tired of the other and wants to find something new but still wants to keep the partner for sexual desires, so the partner creates a love triangle also known as cheating whilst the actual partner does not know anything. The cheating partner then shows their ”love” less to the other and starts leading to more argues and disagreements.

    attachments aren’t always good depending on who it is to and what relationship they may have.

    Jesper k and Joshua


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