William Shakespeare


Today you will watch a film about William Shakespeare’s life and time. It will deal with what is known about his life, but also concern the Elizabethan theatre during the 1600s.

Comparison with Homer

There is so little known about the real William Shakespeare. It is hardly surprising therefore that plenty of theories about our most famous bard and his work have arisen. It was, after all, Mark Twain who said: “So far as anybody actually knows and can prove, Shakespeare of Stratford-on-Avon never wrote a play in his life.” This is very similar to the Homeric question that you might have read about in Swedish course 2.

You are going to listen carefully and take notes during and after the film, as long as it is still vivid in your memory.

Focus on the following
1. How important is Shakespeare to Englishmen and English culture? Why is he so important?
2. Who was he? Take as many notes as possible about him and his life.
3. Who were the people around him. Make note of names and who they were.
4. Which of Shakespeare’s plays does the film mention? Make notes about details as you remember them. Which kinds of plays did he write?
6. Was there anything else in particular in the film that you remembered?

3 reaktioner till “William Shakespeare”

  1. child with alderman didn’t go to university
    Strattford upon Haven
    the globe theater, made it
    one of his sons died hamlet
    know that he is writing and acting.
    pretty good business man, entrepreneur
    histories, tragedies, comedies, tragicomedies.
    Mid summer night dream, hamlet,
    Writes great stories, separate the kingdom in three parts.
    also a poet, because of economic poverty
    154 sonnets.
    Made up words.
    One of the first professional writers.
    Death unknown.
    introducing almost 3000 new words in the english language.
    eloquently explains the human psychology.
    first play, tragedy
    hamlet, a fellow, romeo and juliet, henry the sixth
    did shakespeare the play writer even exist. Didn’t go to university where did he learn everything?
    Questionable how he got success, maybe something to do with the death of marlow.
    is it possible he really had a vocabulary of 20000 words.
    where did he learn the different languages, most likely he went to the nearby school as a child.
    many believe marrow is the real brain behind all of shakespeare’s plays.
    father needed william as a apprentice glove maker.
    anne hathaway 8 years older, williams wife.
    37 plays
    no evidence that he is a writer.
    he left his wife in strattford for more than 7 years, known as shakespeare’s lost pages. No one knows what he did.
    Probably used it to learn the languages he had to know.
    copyright didn’t exist, collaboration was the word.


  2. 1.He is important because his play are full of quotable quotes, his plays touch on timeless theme such as love, friendship and vengeance and he gave voice to the society. That is why he got so popular to the Englishmen and English culture.

    2. He was a author and he have written stories like for instance Romeo and Juliet. He wrote 100 texts. He’s a professional writer. On his texts he talked about the human’s feeling. He left his home and headed to London. He wrote his stories in many genres, like for instance comedy, romance and so on. He didn’t go Collage. His sisters died in a influenza. At age of seven he was send to the king of London. His father was a shoe washer. William married Anne and got twins with her. He died of feber.

    3. According to the documentary, they say that Christopher malu was the real writer because he gaved Shakespare ideas. Malu was the first drama quiz. Malu completed grammar school and he studied in College. He got stabbed in the eye by someone. Queen Elisabeth was the queen of London and she got killed by poison.

    4. He have written like for instance romance. drama and comedies. His most popular play story was Romeo and Juliet.

    5.What I remembered from the film was that nobody can write better than William Shakespear when it comes to literature.


  3. Born in stratford upon avon England birthday 1564 april 24
    Didm´t go to university
    a doter and a set of twins
    moved to london in the e 1597
    1599 he opened his First theater



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