Anglo-American government


The two major English-speaking countries are Great Britain and United States of America. They are very similar due to common language and a common historical background, but there are also many things that are different between the two.

The differences are cultural, political and social. One major difference often brought to the forefront is politics and the political system as such.


To learn more about the differences between the political systems in the US and Great Britain you are going to do research about a list of terms (below).

You are going to investigate the terms, take notes and take part in a discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of each system. You should also submit a schematic drawing of three of the listed terms. This can be in shape of a mind map or similar.

Deadline. As agreed in class.

Terms to investigate

The US

The constitution

Branches of government

Checks and balances

War Powers Act

The role of the President (schematic)
The role of the Congress (schematic)
The role of the Supreme Court (schematic)

Great Britain

Magna Carta

Presumption of innocence
The rule of Law
Privy council
First-past-the-post, winner-take-all (election system) (Cf. Proportional representation)

Royal prerogative


The role of the Prime Minister (schematic) The role of the Monarch (schematic)
The role of Parliament (schematic)

Exit ticket

Post a comment where you describe the most important thing you learnt today (according to your own opinion).

Step 2

In base groups read, discuss and prepare to present two historical items.

Create cross-section groups where each member presents two historical items.

Whole class discussions: any important event missing? What makes a historical event?

8 reaktioner till “Anglo-American government”

  1. The most important thing I learned during todays English lesson was that the three branches of the government have to ability to limit the powers of the other two branches. That is known as ”Checks and balances”.


  2. The most important thins i learned today was about the cheks and balances in The US. About how the branches of government work together.


  3. the most important thing I learned today was that Legilative, Executive and Judicial can limlt eachothers power by checks and balance


  4. I’d never heard the term ”War Powers Act”, and I’d been wondering about the order of action the United States would take in the face of an actual, imminent nuclear threat (and now I know).
    I’ve also gotten a deeper understandning of the Magna Carta Libertatum.



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